Friday, June 29, 2012

113 Fahrenheit

Dolly Parton continues to crack me up with her words of wisdom:

    During a news conference for the opening of the Dixie Stampede in Orlando, Dolly Parton acknowledged that her look may come off as cartoonish to some people. But she said she hopes people see past the surface. "I hope people see the brain underneath the wig and the heart beneath the boobs."  

Nice yard, lovely patio and the silly dog wants to play on the asphalt driveway which is sloped, matter of fact, it goes downhill sharply, which is why he loses so many golf and tennis balls. I am standing downhill somewhat, taking this picture. His 100 foot tether runs down the patio and out to the grassy yard on the right. I relocated all his toys to the lawn.  That maddening dog carried each toy, one by one, back over to the driveway.

The patio is an illusion, it's actually about 30 by 30 feet square. The leaning awning attached to the the motorhome, is actually behind the gazebo in front, but this picture angle makes it look side by side.

That tiny green rug on the patio is 9 by 12 feet and behind it is the 8 ton 8 foot picnic table covered in the old awning fabric. Waste not want not. I always wanted a jumbo tablecloth for the picnic table, the old awning material provided just that too.

Once again I dragged Harley out of his cozy little bed at bright-thirty this morning for a walk. We are playing outside until the heat gets to us. I am washing part of the exterior of the motorhome every day.

It doesn't seem to look any better.

Sadly, the prior owners took no pride in maintaining the outside of the RV. So I have inherited a mess. I can clean it up somewhat.

If you stand 30 feet or more away, it looks beautiful.

I need to do roof work, but I am frankly too scared to go up there by myself here in the middle of nowhere. If anything went wrong, it could be a very long wait before anyone noticed.  I would prefer if someone was around to call 911 in case I fall off.  Between my bad arm and busted legs, scampering around the RV roof is not my first choice for a fun time.

Forecasters claim we will have temperatures over 100F (38C) today. Right now it is barely 70F (21C). Ah, but it's only 7:20am.

While out hiking, we found 3 golf balls. Two were clearly Harley's that he lost down the big hill from where we camp uphill. The third one was on a road outside the park. It had been marked with a green marker.  Harley was thrilled to gain a ball. Sometimes he loses them down the hill and into the lake which is probably 300 or more yards from us. We do have a nice view of the lake, but it is down the hill.  It's sad when the lake claims a toy. Harley cries like a baby. If only I could get him to STOP throwing his toys down the hill.


I guess we don't have to worry about flooding up here. I hope the weather forecasters are wrong about our area, in the past, our local weather was different than what they forecast. Between the expansive lake and the foothills of the mountains, it's understandable that our weather pattern would be different, plus we have lots of trees and forest around here. I sure wouldn't want to be in a city today with 100F plus temperatures forecast.

Just for good measure, I've closed up the wheel estate, then started the air conditioning even though I am outside. Once we are forced inside due to the heat, I want it cooled off already. Motorhomes take a long time to cool off once they get too hot. Also I have 13 windows, 10 of them large.

Lots of windows was one of my main criterias when I was shopping, even though it means a bit less storage and well it does make it a tad harder to cool down or heat up. But I love the views!  

I am typically parked in nature, and I want to see our big beautiful world out my dusty dirty dog pawed windows that I am trying to clean. Well mostly dog droodle, as when Harley barks at the window, I think some of his droodle gets on the window, then the dust sticks to it and well the pet parent gets to clean it up.

Incredibly my ice trays have wore out. The plastic keeps finding new places to break. I was emptying out the ice trays when one just finally snapped into pieces. Dang it!

Cheap ice trays just don't seem to last very long. I only use two, then I have a plastic shoe box I keep in the freezer. I dump out the trays once or twice a day into the shoebox, then refill the trays with filtered water. That way if I have company, we have plenty of ice for drinks. Usually I always have iced tea and coffee around. I don't buy any bottled or canned drinks at all except some 100% juice, mostly apple, becauce of the health properties for my special get-well diet.

Speaking of engines and motorhomes...

I truly look forward to my transmission repair so I can go places. I have been in one spot for two months now, with only 3 very short uneventful trips to the grocery store and Ford dealer. How many people could stay in one spot with no car for 8 weeks and only go out 3 times?

At least I get to walk the park every day.  It's not a big park though. But I like the situation here. Just that it's loads of solitude, which is both fantastic and a little tiring (and lonely)  at times.

At 11:15am the heat was 107F with only 54% humidity. Harley and I packed up our toys, then moved from the outdoor patio to the inside RV. We had been running the AC on full blast to make sure the wheel estate would be nice and cool in spite of the 13 windows.

Now it's 12:11pm and it's 113F degrees here (outdoors). I think part of the reason it reads so hot, is that the black tar from the parking lot beneath us, wafts right on up here (heat rises).

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  1. I don't know, as the mom of teens who need taxiing everywhere, three trips in eight weeks sounds pretty good to me!

    Nice setup you've got. Looks great from where I'm sitting.


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