Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Engine Repairs Sort Of

Harley photo by Dear Miss Mermaid copyright

From  Harley's camp chair, his tether leads him across the patio, driveway and onto the lawn.  We can play ball!  Since they mowed the lawn, Harley is now much taller than the grass and weeds that used to dwarf him as if he was in his own little enchanted jungle.

So guess who pesters me every waking minute to play ball!

But today we had to load up and leave the lake for town. We went to the Ford dealer where they fixed most everything except the two critical things I went in to have repaired.

My wheel estate doesn't fit on their lifts, so they do my work in their parking lot.  The two critical things require a lift, so now it's plan B. One is the gasoline fill hose leaks gasoline when I am pumping in new petrol. Not fun. It doesn't leak much, buy hey, I want my money's worth when I buy gas.

I don't whine or fuss about the gas or the mileage I get. Since I have zero control over the whims of the gas pump prices, I just go with the flow. Whatever gas is selling for, I adjust my budget and mileage.  I love adventure and it can be 3000 miles away or 30. I just hate paying for gas that I leave on the pavement of the gas station due to my leak.

The other problem is the output shaft seal needs replacing which is part of the transmission.

They did manage to fix two minor annoying things, which thrilled me. One being the driver's seat has arm rests that fold down like a captain's chair. One has been broken since I bought the motorhome. It's the right side one. I am right handed. They passed their magic wand over it, so now it works. Next time I am forced on the interstate or on a long drive, it will be nice to rest both elbows on the arm rests while steering down the highways and biways.

The other irritating repair was the confounded rear view mirrors. They flop around with the winds, including the wind from passing vehicles. Since they are manual, it's a pain all around when I am traveling alone, which is 90% of the time. Sure Harley is with me, but he can't adjust the mirrors back to where they belong. So the mechanic passed his magic wand over those.  Now they stay put. At least that  huge safety issue is now repaired.

I am dead tired!  More later..

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