Sunday, June 03, 2012

Dog Juice

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The weather  people were actually right this time. It did drop to 54F degrees last night, just like they predicted. I got up to turn on the mattress warmer, the tiny 200 watt ceramic heater in the bathroom and the electric heater in the living area. It was c-c-c-cold. Amazing for the south in June.

I am in northeastern Georgia near I-85 and the South Carolina border. According to this area doesn't even exist.

I can see South Carolina from where I am. I am not even in the Blue Ridge mountains. But I am in Cherokee lands, the foothills.

The deer are taunting me again. Six of them. I ran into them out walking. Did I have a camera with me?  Of course not. It was the only time in 3 weeks, I have dared to go for a walk without my camera. *SIGH*

That's because I was behind on rocks. I need more rocks for my project. Rocks are heavy. I was afraid I couldn't manage  a rock, camera and puppy on a string while walking uphill, breathing and chewing gum.  Just kidding. I don't have any gum to chew.

This morning, the three does and their three fawns are all over my campsite, just picking through the flora to see what they can eat. I tiptoe around my motorhome, finding my camera to take pictures. Of course that is when I realize my windows are filthy. I snapped one blurry picture, then the camera announved the batteries were dead.  Then it died, refusing to do a thing.


This only happens when I try to photograph the deer up close.

Dog juice.

My windows seem covered in dog juice. Yes, a certain little dog (we won't name names...) will sometimes race up to the window to bark ferociously at something outside that has come too close to us. I guess dog juice flies out of his little mouth while he is barking and messes up the windows.


At least I have very good protection and an excellent alarm system. But I pay the price with dirty windows.

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