Friday, June 08, 2012

Five Dollar Day

For those of you living "efficiently", Dollar General is offering up their $5 coupon for Saturday June 9th. Spend $25 in their store and get $5 off. They sell food and household items plus have a selection of useful camping and RV  gear.

I have found Dollar General to often be much cheaper than Walmart for my little needs. My wheel estate boasts many Dollar General items.  They generally offer up their $5 coupon monthly or more. Imagine getting $60 per year in FREE goods for your RV lifestyle.  I have bought camping chairs from them for $12 and $13. I used to have their festive plastic plates as my dishes, but I recently tossed the bad ones and gave the usable ones away when I ended up with wonderful Corelle plates gifted by an angel.

I've shopped for  their throw rugs for my RV since I ripped out the wall to wall carpet. My kitchen towels, cloth napkins and microfiber cleaning rags all came from Dollar General. Some of my kitchen and cleaning gear came from there. They have this 4 pack of toilet paper that is sturdy double rolls that is usually selling for $3. My cabinet holds exactly 3 packs (12 rolls.)  My ceramic heater came from Dollar General at a bargain price and has been pressed into service for 3 winters. I've also bought assorted hardware items and some tools from them. Many of my grocery staples are often bought there.  So there you have it, if you are minding your pennies, then take advantage of their $5 coupon. You can print it out from their website.

They also have pet supplies. Harley is fond of their treats and toys.  His special blankie was on sale at Dollar General as a car cleaning cloth but it is oh so super soft I think the Chinese labeled it wrong or cut it wrong. It should be a baby blanket but it's too small, except for my 6 pound fur baby.

Now for the bad news, I don't trust their "coupon printer" because you have to install a separate program to print out the coupons.  They claim there is no spyware attached but I am paranoid. I create a restore point on my computer, download their coupon printer program, print the coupons then uninstall their program, then use the restore point feature on my computer for good measure.  Maybe I am being too fussy, but I find it odd they require this special 3rd party coupon printer.

My bargain rugs that are washable came from Dollar General.

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  1. Lately I found microfiber dish towels at Dollar General. They are the perfect size for drying off a small, wet puppy dog and they dry out fast! I love that store!


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