Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jack In The Pulpit

Jack-In-The-Pulpit on the South Saluda River in South Carolina by

It's funny how tucked away in the boonies I can so easily become at this workamping assignment. But today, I actually left the park for the 3rd time in 6 weeks.  I wanted to use my $5 coupon at Dollar General today. Also, my produce selection was down to two potatoes and one Vidalia onion, so it was time to stock up on my favorite thing; vegetables!

The wheel estate needed her engine exercised, so it seemed like a good deal all around.

I got all dressed up for town even though it was only going to be a less than half day trip. Normally I would spend the whole day out, shopping then sight seeing at other parks. But my left arm is in a big heap of pain.  I have no idea why. So I've been single-handing between muffled screams of pain when I attempt to do anything useful with the left limb.

Harley dog defiantly sat in his patio chair, ensconced on his quilt, fortified with his toys, trying to ignore the fact, I was getting the RV ready to roll down the road. Finally I had to scoop him up to go with me. Usually he is thrilled to go for a ride, but he is having a love affair with the patio preferring to spend as much time as he can out there. Did he get that from me?

We made it back home again, with lots of bargains and food fit for a human and one gourmand dog. Harley was thrilled that we came back to the same place.

Now it's late at night, but puppy dog and I are outside enjoying the patio.  Yesterday a visiting friend helped move and repair the gazebo. The gazebo is really  a Coleman hexagon canopy. We tied the frame up with twine to fortify the broken pieces, then patched all the holes in the canopy.  Another friend brought by 6 big heavy cinder blocks so I can seriously anchor the gazebo down against the gusty mini storms  that sometimes plague this area on a moment's notice. So now the gazebo is good as new, more or less, ready to suffer through as many more months as I can press it into service.

Coleman Hexagon Canopy with optional screened room by dear miss mermaid
Amazon sells the hexagon canopy as a gazebo shelter on the left (like mine) or with the complete screened in walls on the right as a screened shelter

It's really quite lovely this summer to have both the gazebo and my RV awning for shade. It means I can spend a lot more time outdoors in rain and sunshine with my little fur buddy.

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