Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monkey Dog Sleeps

affenpinscher monkey dog mix by Dear Miss Mermaid

My friend took this cute picture of Harley sleeping in my arms with his signature one-ear up.  That is his long fur curling off his ear. The picture is slightly confusing because his back feet are tucked into my palm with  his tail wrapped around my hand.

Why would anyone think he is spoiled? 

Actually, Harley had become accustomed to our winter ways of going to bed rather early. When spring rolled around, we were on the road on a leisurely trip,  heading up to our summer workamping position. A friend joined us for a week.

We sat outside talking  late into the night. Harley fell asleep snuggled up in my arm.  When I stood up, he was still sound asleep, so my friend snapped the picture as I carried Harley to bed.

Apparently my friend was so smitten with the puppy dog, he cut me out of the photo. 

Recently several readers have brought it my attention that Harley might be part Affenpinscher (Monkey dog). I had never heard of such a breed but had often nicknamed him "Monkey dog" because he exhibits so many monkey ways and he looks goofy to. I had never even heard of an Afffenpinscher.  

I was told he was born Christmas day in 2009, was half poodle and half long haired chihuahua. He seems to resemble neither. He was severely malnourished and very weak. Now I suspect, after copious amounts of reading, that  he is mostly Affenpinscher with some other mix thrown in. He exhibits about 95% of the Afffenpinsher traits in mannerisms and somewhat in looks.  

More on this later. 

In the interim, my health has vastly improved, my arm is functional again so I am super busy catching up on housework around my wheel estate (motorhome). 

What a monumental mess things become in short order when you don't have use of two arms to get daily things done. 

I stumbled across this picture today, it made me laugh so I thought I would share it with you while I try to create some sense of order around my abode. 


  1. You can have him. After a few hours, you will want to give him back... He is very high energy and into everything, though not destructive, just busy.


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