Monday, June 25, 2012

Recycle Whimsy

harleys dog bed photo by Dear Miss Mermaid copyright

In January 2010 I bought a very inexpensive folding camp chair for my wheel estate. I had great fun with it, at least 340 out of 365 days a year reading, relaxing, entertaining in a myriad of camps. Numerous friends have sat in it and it's traveled to 17 states and numerous campgrounds that I shall count one day but not today.  Because it's an outdoor chair, it's taken a beaten from the elements. Harley dog never liked to sit in it, he seemed scared of the curved seating.

As of May 2012, the textiles had reached their limit. It was considered no longer safe for adult human use.  You may recall that at Easter a friend of mind fell through one of my chairs  that had apparently dry rotted. Luckily she's not the suing type. Besides she knows me well enough to realize my insurance is so minimal, she's likely to get a release contract printed on a tiny wrapped bandaid.

I like to think I am green, kind to the planet, recycling paraphernalia over and over long before it hits the landfill.  Harley decided to jump into the recycling act, so he reclaimed the chair before it could go elsewhere.

Funny, because he never had any interest in the chair until now.

harleys dog bed photo by Dear Miss Mermaid copyright

harleys dog bed photo by Dear Miss Mermaid copyright

Harley is going to explain the features of his new lanai dog house.

Um, well, I guess he summed that up for you with his favorite word.

Mine... Mine.. and Mine...

Silly dog!

I shall present  you
The Anatomy of 
Harley's Chair

harleys dog bed photo by Dear Miss Mermaid copyright


  1. I found out that camp chairs cause me to have a backache, for some reason. I have the feeling that a chair that is kind to my back is going to be murder on my wallet!

  2. no no it wont be that big of a damage you can very easily afford a chair which would favour your back.

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