Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pause For The Cause

flowers by Dear Miss Mermaid copyright

We're having a heat wave this week with temperatures in the 90's (Fahrenheit) in the afternoons.

Puppy and I are trying to enjoy the outdoors,  then run and hide inside with air conditioning if the heat gets to us.

A few people have mentioned to me several times that I should be running my Air Conditioning on freezing 24/7 since electricity is provided with my workamping. But I try not to waste resources, be it electricity, water, gas, or food.  I want to be kind to mother nature.

I don't quite understand how wasting at someone else's expense, is not wasteful...

I like being outdoors on the patio with my desk and projects set up out here. Of course I have to be constantly mindful of the rains despite my RV awning and leaky gazebo.

A friend and I worked together patching up the gazebo frame and 11 holes in the canopy, trying to press it into use for a few more months or until the next catastrophe.  It provides lots of shade, but needs a few more patches to be more or less dry.  I ran out of patching materials. Coleman sells a replacement hexagon canopy. Patches were cheaper, but labor intensive. Some of the old patches had to be reglued as well.

I might have overdone it, running around trying to do so much with my improved arms, but there is just so much to be done. I seem to move at a snail's pace despite my best efforts.

To beat the heat, I am back on a sunrise puppy walk schedule which a certain little doggy (despite being rather sleepy) thoroughly enjoyed. He loves to sleep late, even when I get up early. But he will get up for a walk, even if he is sleepy.

So this is a pause for the cause while I recuperate and repair.

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  1. Maybe this should be paws for the cause?? ;-) Take it easy. None of us need to suffer in this heat! I swear, I went north & it's warmer here than it is in Texas. go figure. Thanks for recently stopping by, I didn't mean to worry got pretty nasty for awhile there though.


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