Friday, July 27, 2012

Living Large

Does it look like I have lived here very long?  

                I arrived here in early May.  The longer I stay, the more the outdoor life takes a form of its own. I seriously owe many angels who have gone out of their way to help this old Mermaid recuperate and live large on a ridiculously tiny (but  uber efficient) budget.

Sure I am still head over heels in debt while I try to whittle down my past medical mess, but all things take time, some things just take a little longer.

Or a helluva lot longer!

For over two years this motorhome has provided me year round shelter in various locales, while I try to reassemble my health, head  and future.  I gave up on the current medical mess and went searching for alternatives. Mostly sifting through the myriad of information on natural cures.

And you know what?

Most of them seem to be working!

Because of the age of my wheel estate and the fact this one wasn't really built for fulltime living, I am constantly repairing or maintaining or modifying something.

This has forced me to learn loads of new skills, many that I am terrible at!

It takes me about one to four weeks to do what a pro can manage in a few hours. But that's part of the efficient budget... learning to get by, make do, tackle difficult projects, and pray  that it all comes together eventually.

Much of my glorious outdoor life shown here is due to wonderful  super angel heroes. Where would I be without you?  In a ditch?  Under a bridge? In a box? Underground?  In an urn?

Instead I am oh so lucky and I thank you from the bottom of my tail to the top of my feverish head.

My little old wheel estate, looks so small but to me it's the castle in my dreams. Having the room here to spread outside is wonderful.

Some of my outdoor life (shown in the picture) is gifts from angels, some things on loan, some hand-me-downs, some dumpster diving, a few things I bought used at nearly new shops or at a dramatic discount, some  because it was damaged, in need of repair.

Much like me and my battered body. Heavily used, injured and in need of mending.

Currently I am workamping to help that efficient budget, so I feel extremely lucky. I have no complaints.

I woke up alive with a silly little dog. The sun came up.  What an exquisite day all around.

For some fool reason, I looked to see what I wrote on my blog today in 2009. At that time I was hovering in a ward at a dreadful hospital on a tiny island in the Caribbean. My bed sat beneath a faded blood splattered wall. Most of my roommates departed in a hearse then new ones appeared. I had no idea that I would ever make it out of there alive. When I had a few moments of semi-clarity, I would tap away on my laptop, posting  about my chaotic situation. I was heavily discriminated against, long boring story on that, but it helps to know this if you dare to read those painful memories that was my reality then. The hospital didn't have internet but I had a secret connection they knew nothing about. When anyone came near me, I would slam the laptop shut or switch to a page of the Bible or one of my bright sunny beach pictures.  I was terrified they might out I was blogging about the hospital.

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