Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Super busy weekend here at the park on Lake Hartwell. People turned out in droves to launch their boats, create parking havoc and have a blast celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend.

I am plumb tuckered out from walking and working the park doing my volunteer duties as Park Host.

But some fun was thrown in too. I met some sailors who threw a barbecue party on my patio that included lamb, ribs and shrimp. It was great fun all around. Harley has been busy as a Bark Ranger. He was thrilled to try lamb for the first time, deciding he found it rather tasty and the bone gnawing a bit of fun. Someone went to pet him while he was chewing his bone and he growled "Don't touch the bone!" Sheesh...

Mid week I had some friends from Florida stop by, we hadn't seen each other in awhile so it was fun to catch up. They did a bit of fishing down my secret trail.

Harley was having great fun showing off his new Frisbee act. Tomorrow is another holiday so another day of chaos.

I am trying hard to keep up! But I am exhausted. A sudden brief thunderstorm emptied out most of the picnic and swim area but only a small handful of boats came back to claim their truck and trailer.



  1. i used to think boaters were jerks. still do, but i think the reason they park like that is most lots are designed by people that drive cars. they make the spots for cars. you can't get in or out with a boat if you stay in lanes.

    don't get me going about rvers.

    peaceup raz

  2. aaaahhhhh ass boaters not sailors. sail boaters are a better breed. sorry about that mermaid.

    i used to live on a small lake. i swim, well i did then. no lake, no swim. it was about 1/3 mile across and 1/4 mile wide. i used to swim the perimeter. one time there were 2 ass boaters 3/4 the way around. i adjusted my course to miss them 1 ass keep floating around to block me. i don't suffer fools well. so i just went my original direction.

    this ass hollers at me that he's fishing there. i tell him i can see him and he has been moving in front of me. i also tell him that he keeps doing it that we will both be in his boat and he wont like that.

    this is just how it runs here. ass boaters.

    peaceup raz


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