Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Twisted Tuesday

Weather is gorgeous. I can't believe it is Tuesday already. It was so busy around here, I was just exhausted from my workamping duties.

I caught a windsurfer sailing off into the wild blue yonder, complete with his bicycle helmet. He said he was new at windsurfing, so I said "Well, if you're not back by tomorrow, I'll send boaters out to look for you!"

I sure got a tan in a hurry, just walking around in the glorious sunshine doing my park duties. But I think I forgot to pour down enough fluids, so I've paid for that, drinking copious amounts of water and juice all night and all day too. I was just so busy, I didn't think about it, tsk tsk tsk. I will try to remember this critical step.

Now here's a picture of my camp site. I honestly don't know how the camera plays tricks on me. This photo is completely untouched, but I have a window up forward over the cab, but in this photo, the window has simply vanished! Very strange.

That's my free umbrella in the background. A truck or something ran over it making it useless. But another RV-er beat it with a hammer in such a fashion as to make it usable again. Amazing! I was able to cobble it together with old parts from my other destroyed umbrella. It provides a lot of extra shade. My last umbrella which I bought from Amazon Warehouse (discounted items) was demolished by a crazy storm with wild gusty winds while I slept last winter. Oops! But parts of it and the new destroyed but fixed one now make shade again. I can twirl it around to direct the "lean" to my advantage.

Life is goof!

I use a special umbrella clamp I've had for years, that works really well with picnic tables. It holds the umbrella clamped to the table. It will also keep your table cloth from sailing away on a windy day.

I love my motorhome because it has a lot of windows, 14 to be exact, well according to the picture above, I lost a forward window somehow. But here is a motorhome with even more windows than mine. Maybe I should ask them if they want to consider a swap. The only problem is, theirs seems so awfully low to the ground and I like to drive down country roads which are less than perfect.


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Life is goof!