Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I hate it when I don't get to post for a few days but I was having computer problems I just couldn't seem to sort out. Then the sheer frustration of sitting at the computer trying to fix the impossible, was driving me a bit insane.

So I would drag the doggy and I out on long walks through the park, picking up litter and completing our other workamping assignments. Then I tried to fix the computer again. It would frustrate me beyond belief, so I decided to attack the windows.

Ever tried to fix a computer with this little gremlin staring at you?

Not the operating system windows, but my RV windows that seemed filthy. I've decided that the problem is my timing. I need to clean the windows now while I am in the land of soft water. Cleaning them in Florida, land of super hard water is just maddeningly impossible. But now I can't seem to remove the hard water spots from the outside of the windows.

I hate doing windows. Mainly because they seem hard to reach when I am in pain, but lately the pain has left me. So that is thrilling beyond belief! So I've been doing the windows hither and yonder. I do a few then get tired, so I take up something else. I can't seem to find the magic for clean windows. I think I have them nice and clean then the sun or night lights hit them and I see spots everywhere. The Windex I have on hand seems not to work either. I think the problem is the outside of the windows, rather than the inside.

Just another thing to make me think I am losing my sanity.

What is wrong with me? Everything I try to do lately seems to be another disaster. A roof leak made a big stain on the chair it dripped on. I cleaned it off, and the stain was gone. Then the next day, the stain reappeared. What??? How does that happen? So I cleaned it again and took a picture of it. Stain is gone. The next day the stain is back again. It's mocking me now. I've cleaned it twice and twice it's come back. Gremlins!

I thought maybe some music would calm me down so I turned on the little MP3 player and plugged that into the speakers. Nothing. Three days of fiddling with the music now and then, trying to coax sound out of it then I discovered a loose speaker wire. For some strange reason, the speaker wire has to be plugged in half way not all the way, then it plays music. This is the second MP3 player. I've lived in silence for years. I so missed music. I used some birthday money to buy an MP3 player (Thank you angels!) and had glorious music for a few days then the player died. Nothing could coax it back to life on earphones or speakers. Recharging it didn't help either. When I would plug it into the computer, it would say the drive was full but when I opened the music file, there were no songs there. Finally I sent it back to Amazon who promptly replaced it. The new one worked fine then stopped, but I discovered it played on the headset, so I just had to fix the speakers. I don't really like the earbuds, they are too distracting for me. I want to hear the phone, the doggy, the birds and with earbuds you just hear music and nothing else.

"I am not cantankerous!  I just have a selective learning disorder..."

Harley dog wants tons of attention and that is maddening at times. He is high energy! His training baffles me. One day he is well behaved the next he forgets everything.

Like he was pulling me sideways on the leash, so we spent an hour fighting with the leash on our walk and litter picking. He was walking at a severe lean he was working to pull me so hard and be so cantankerous. It was so frustrating, I just wanted to scream. The next day, we went for a walk and suddenly he is walking on his leash just fine, no fussing and fighting and pulling me sideways.

Then he started becoming aggressive about his golf balls. He pesters me to play ball with him, then he wants to hold the golf ball and growl if you come near it. Well, that's not good either. One day when children were visiting he growled at them and frightened them and me half to death. So I kept telling the children to leave him alone. But now the children weren't listening either. Good grief. So I put Harley inside, left the children outside but now Harley cried like a baby at the top of his little lungs. Oh my gosh. What is wrong with my little doggy?

OK, if you are going to be aggressive about your daggum golf balls then we'll just quit playing golf. So I got out the Frisbee he has been ignoring. Day after day I try to play Frisbee with him and he acts clueless. He used to love Frisbee then last year the guy mowing the lawn ran over his Frisbee and shredded it into a million pieces. I was running around trying to pick up Harley's toys and the guy on the riding mower was chasing me around trying to run over the toys before I could pick them up. This was a game I did not like. Picking up a million pieces of shredded Frisbee was no fun. I still haven't figured out what was wrong with that guy, but now someone different mows the park grass and they don't try to run me over when I dash out to pickup Harley's toys. So that's a huge relief. But last year, after I finally got another Frisbee, Harley refused to play with the new one.

Harley gets bored and starts dragging all his toys outside one by one until he has toys everywhere. I pick them up and put them away, but he drags them all back out again. So that's how the yard ends up with toys everywhere. He is one very busy doggy.

Suddenly yesterday out of the clear blue he "remembers" how to play Frisbee. So now I wish I could make a hilarious video of him. The Frisbee is so big and he is so tiny, but he races after the Frisbee then brings it back for me to throw again. When the park ranger stopped by today, he presented the Frisbee to her and she threw it. Amazingly he raced after it, and kept bringing it back to her. We were both laughing so hard. He was being such a total delight. Watching a tiny little dog carry this huge Frisbee is rather funny.

Suddenly the computer is working again. So I am able to write. I have no idea what fixed what. I am so clueless. It's those gremlins at it again.

PS, while trying to post this, I get a message from blogger "An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Dismiss."

So five tries later... blogger decides to publish this. 


  1. You can't have my gremlins! You can just borrow them occasionally.

    We went to the shop to get shades installed; one shade isn't the right kind. For that price they should've been knitted by garden gnomes, but no...

    One is a night-only shade. What, we can't have day, only night?

    But a couple of days from the shop the water heater learned we were going to the shop and decided to burn wires. It's been happy for 21 years but saw an opportunity to cost us $80 for .6 hours labor.

    So we arrived at the shop Monday afternoon smelling like burning wires and settled in to Camp Parking Lot for the night. We had electricity, all of 15 amps worth, so add that to the burning wire smell.

    Hark, on the horizon, over the river and through the woods to downtown Buford, it's a Papa John's. By the time we got there and back we didn't care about pizza.

    The shop people woke us up at zero-dark-thirty, fixed us up and saw us off before noon. Southland RV in Buford, GA. First-class, and ask about the pickle.

    Anyway, and I'm still getting to the gremlins, we got home after a stop at the likker store and the grocery store and around the river and through the woods on those north Georgia cow-paths they call roads.

    Gremlins had struck! I'm the pool boy at our home park and in the couple of days we were gone the filter plugged up and the hot tub heat shut off. No apparent reason, never happened before. My only explanation to the manager was "Gremlins, ma'am, gremlins."

    Isn't there a little saying about befuddlin' 'em or bafflin' em or something....

  2. You made me laugh and feel like "I am not alone, there are others."

  3. I get a windows explorer error message every so often; fixes make your eyeballs hurt so resort to rebooting which fixes issue for a week or two. Got to be a virus or malware but antivirus doesn't catch it.................grrrrrrrrrrr!

    Glad to hear your feeling good right now! Give Monkey a hug for me. Mountains are calling but don't know when I can get away.

    The Troutman

  4. Hi!!
    That's a typical Yorkie, lol.
    My son has a tiny one and I play with her for hours everyday. Glad you are feeling better. How is your weather? It's so hot here in Tampa.
    One day I will get on the road. Just need a van. Have a great night!!!!


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