Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Poor Wittle Puppy

I am not spoiled.

All I did was ask for a patio mat. That concrete can be so ruff on a poor little pooch like me.

OK, so I asked for a chair, but I was saving you from tripping over me! I'm just a wittle puppy. 

And what's a little doggy bed? I was saving you vet bills. You wouldn't want me to tangle my paw in the chair would ya?

So I asked for my blankie. Don't all dogs have blankies? I was a bit chilly this morning. Besides, I need to hide my toys under there. I didn't want the thieving squirrels to steal them. Look how they ran off with my nuts! Just can't trust those squirrels. 

Oh and the bowl of water. I didn't think that was a big deal, you were making coffee, so I asked for a dish of water. 

Now, all I am asking for is a little treat, something to take the edge off. A piece of cheese or something nice.

And you call me SPOILED?

Honest to goodness, I was going to let you sit down and enjoy your coffee right after my little nosh. Oh and a walk. Can ya take me for a walk?  I give you my kissy face!

I'm your favorite waste of time. You said so yourself one day. I heard ya too. 

(Those nice folks deliver my dog food!)


  1. Is the top item at Amazon the food that the Bark Ranger eats?

  2. Yes, Harley eats Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula. His tiny bowl holds one-third of a cup of dried food. He eats erratically but generally empties the bowl every day. He also like to have one-half of a 3.5 ounce Cesar Canine Cuisine (wet food). Giving him a whole one means he will waste half of it, so I give him exactly half once a day. he won't touch any other wet dog food, very strange. He would eat his weight in cheese but I try to limit him to one tablespoon shredded or a few tiny cubes as a treat some days. He loves meat and fish, but I mostly cook vegetarian but when there is company around and I cook meat or fish I give him an ounce or two of that. Doggy treats he mostly gets for training but sometimes he gets because he is spoiled. He has constant energy and wears me out often but he sleeps a good long night once he settles down and likes to sleep several more hours beyond when I get up.


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