Monday, May 12, 2014

Stop It

The stop sign saga...

People were blowing past the "STOP Pay Fee Here" self-pay honor safe.  It is with great hope and faith in mankind, that folks will pay before they enter the park if they don't have an annual pass.

For those folks that have an annual pass dangling on their rear view mirror, they don't need to pay the day fee, but everyone else does. For the day trippers that didn't buy an annual tag, the supplied envelope comes with a hang tag to display on the rear view mirror, the other part of the envelope goes into the safe with $4 cash or check.

I am a volunteer Park Host in the park with Harley the Bark Host. We had a stop sign on a tripod that was relocated to the self-pay safe. The old STOP sign up there had gone missing. So I set up the new tripod STOP sign (should have taken a picture of that but I didn't).

The next morning I went up the road to the safe to clean up the garbage people seem to throw out their window while paying their park day use fee.

What I found was someone had crashed into the STOP sign and destroyed the tripod. I had to rotate the tripod remnants to make it more or less prop up again. The whole thing looked kind of pathetic. I set up the remnants against the safe to go get my tools to remove the rest of the destroyed tripod. This time I took a picture, because I happened to have the camera with me.

In the picture, on the left and right of the safe are envelopes sticking out to make it easy for folks to grab one. You can see what's left of the tripod is pretty busted up.

I got busy with other things in the park, we were having a parking problem, someone had thrown the life jackets in the lake to float away which I was trying to coax back to the shore without having to get wet since I wasn't dressed for swimming. Always something crazy going on around here.

Just before we became super busy running out of parking completely, somebody (and I say that oh so politely) showed up and hogged two spots, then took off boating.

I guess he is so ultra special and important that the parking rules only apply to everyone else and not him.

Below is a photo of my driveway which we pressed into service, using it for extra parking, trying to keep everyone happy and boating. Meanwhile Mr Important is still occupying two parking spots. I think maybe 20 more people alerted me to this, as it irritated quite a few folks.

Sometime during the day or night someone thwacked the honor safe knocking it crooked. No idea who did that, just later discovered the safe leaning like the Tower of Pisa. Probably one of those trucks on steroids that come careening in here from time to time.

Nothing I could do about that, the safe weighs a ton. I can only imagine what their vehicle must look like after hitting it. The safe is anchored far below ground, so it can't go far.

I returned to the STOP sign with my tools. I removed the destroyed tripod, propped up the STOP sign, then stood around scratching my head, trying to figure out how to attach it to something. Realizing I had some thick padded double stick tape, I figured that would hold up the sign until maintenance could bolt it to the kiosk.

The next day I discovered someone had hit the stop sign and the safe, scraping paint off the side of the safe. The stop sign was laying in the street with tire tread marks across it.

Good grief. Must be the week for blind people to be out driving around. I thought one had to pass an eye test to get a driver's license but I could be wrong (again!)

I took the STOP sign home, giving it a bath to remove the tire tread markings so the visibility would be improved.

Later I carried the stop sign back up the hill to the kiosk.  I used my thick double stick tape to attach the sign to the safe, all nice and neatly. But I forgot to bring my camera, so that picture never happened either. What a shame.

The next morning, Harley dog and I are out walking along, cleaning the garbage out of the ditches. We pass the safe and stop sign. Then we stop and look.

Apparently someone else had come along and hit the stop sign, folding up the side of it down the safe. Now it read STO instead of STOP. How that double stick ever held, I have no idea.

More blind people driving around.

To straighten out the sign, I had to fight with it to pull it from the double stick tape, then jump up and down on it. This sort of flattened it out. Now it wouldn't stick back to the tape again, so I laid it at an angle.

I took the picture below. Leaning safe, crooked bent STOP sign sitting there. You can see in the background, we're so busy we've run out of parking again.

You can sort of see on the right side where the stop sign is still bent from being hit by a truck or car. I wasn't strong enough to get it any straighter. Already the new sign is pot marked from being run over a few times. I hoped no one would steal the sign before I got back with more double sided sticky tape.

Later in the day I came back with tape to  see about reattaching the stop sign.


I get the stop sign taped onto the safe. Geezus, this stop sign is turning into a new career.

This morning I hear this horrific banging. I see a truck parked up at the stop sign.

You gotta be kidding me.

I walk up there with the bark ranger to see the latest mishap, expecting the worst.

Much to my surprise, there is the maintenance guy, banging on the stop sign to flatten it out further.

He says "I thought we put a new stop sign out here just the other day, but this thing is beat to hell and back."

I sighed "This IS the new STOP sign. I guess the visitors wanted to break it in for us. They've run over it, destroyed the tripod, dragged it down the road, hit it a few times, folded it around the corner of the kiosk and I jumped up and down on it too for good measure. All that's left if for the dog to pee on it, then it's good as new again."

He shook his head while drilling some new holes, then attached it to the kiosk with some heavy duty screws. Maybe tomorrow I will take a picture... if it's still there.


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