Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Beaching Therapy

My friend is still driving my motorhome for me and we've had to scramble for places to camp while I recuperate. When a beach cancellation suddenly opened up a site for a week, we were able to nail it down and relocate for healing therapy.

Angels everywhere. 

Today was my first ride on the bicycle since the river accident and emergency surgery in July. 

Baby steps. Day after day I torture my arm/wrist/hand with exercises... and daydreaming.

After a short ride to/from/on the beach, I came back to the motorhome completely exhausted and in extreme pain, but it was worth every blessed beaching moment. 

Come on Harley, bring your Frisbee, time to go home to our wittle old wheel estate. 



  1. No pain, No gain! :) Keep using it, eventually you will forget it happened.

    Give your friend and Monkey a hug for me. Glad he was able to stick around and help with your recovery.

    The Troutman

  2. Hey girl check out your email I sent you one I'm going to be leaving here soon but won't be down that far south until the end of September but would like to meet up and camp with you all... before heading to Melbourne


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