Sunday, September 27, 2015

Summer of Travel in a Little Old Motorhome

Summer 2015
1 Camper
2 Bicycles
1 Dog
2 Humans
3 States (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia)
18 Campsites in
13 Campgrounds

When an old sailing friend decided to join me on a little trip, last spring, it turned into a summer long incredible misadventure of great fun, lots of giggles, some occasional grief and a bit of wild pandemonium. Somehow we are still friends in spite of the sudden changes in plans brought on by a bit of bizarre chaos. Originally, my friend was planning to go back home last May, but the most incredible things kept happening. It's possible he stuck around longer just  to see what kind of bedlam would turn up next. 

I first started traveling in 2010. A fulltime RV owner told me they photographed every place their camper spent a night or more, so I decided that would be a fun thing too. In the last 5 years, I believe there is only 1 overnight campground picture missing from my photos (and it was a super nice spot too on the Ohio River in the fall of 2010).

These  pics and parks  below  from my summer misadventures, were last minute reservations or just rolling into a place to see if they had room for us to park a spell. We were only turned away twice due to full camps. There was a great deal of summer chaos, what with me spraining an ankle then later shattering my wrist, emergency surgery, a few blown tires, one on each bicycle, one on the RV.  Oh and the RV transmission died in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to be pushed by hand (and buckets of sweat) into a campground by several gallant senior workampers. We joked about that campground doing ANYTHING to get a customer through the entrance...

I survived and woke up alive this morning. What a miracle to behold!
Cedar Point Campground, Cedar Point, North Carolina
Due to constant confusion on the part of the workampers, we had to change sites twice, making 3 sites total for this camp and I accidentally badly sprained my ankle on one of those moves.

Kinston, North Carolina

H. Cooper Black Junior Memorial Field Trial and Recreation Area
Cheraw, South Carolina

Kings Mountain State Park
Blacksburg, South Carolina

Palmetto Cove
Cleveland, South Carolina

North Greenville KOA
Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Springwood RV Park
Greenville, South Carolina

Bear Creek RV Park 
Asheville, North Carolina

Springwood RV Park, 2nd time around
Greenville, South Carolina

Lake Hartwell Recreation Area
Fairplay, South Carolina

Barnwell State Park
Blackville, South Carolina

Tuck In The Wood Campground
Saint Helena, South Carolina

Hunting Island State Park
Hunting Island, South carolina

Jekyll Island Campground
Jekyll Island, Georgia


  1. Enjoy reading your blog... no matter what you're always upbeat in the reporting. I leave Wednesday for the bluegrass circuit. Will be in Folkston near you on the 13th at Newell Lodge. Hope to see you then..... then back to festival in Guyton, GA ... home for 1.5 weeks then back to FL and the Withlacoochee festival and whatever else I can get into. Surely we'll meet somewhere !!! Keep on smiling.

    Lynn in GA

  2. I think you had some pretty nice looking campsites.

  3. To Lynn... I owe you an email of what's happening, but have a blast on the bluegrass circuit!

    To Gypsy... often I omit the 'neighbors" in the campgrounds, cutting and cropping the pics to just show my rig, on the other hand, many places we stayed were just not busy at the time, so we did have room and oh how I love trees!

  4. Hope you're ready to pack up and move out of Joaquins way if it threatens the area you are in.Stay safe.

  5. Mikey, thanks, I just wrote about that on the post after this.

  6. It's looking better now with the latest forecasts but there still may be lots of rain.I know you're wise enough not to let your guard down though until that ole ugly thing is past your area.


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