Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Not What It Seems

Following too closely?
This was the view out my rear window in the motorhome. Those red knobs are for an emergency exit. I could open the window and pass the Grey Poupon.

following too closely by

While up on Paris Mountain in South Carolina, we came across this modern art, curiously placed at the top of a steep winding hill in the state park next to the outhouses. I snapped a few pics of this unique creation,  then it dawned on me what I was really looking at.

paris mountain state park in south carolina
A self service bicycle stand to repair or tune up your bike before descending the steep winding mountain roads.

Speaking of strange sights... Harley dog doesn't like to go out in the rain. He will run and hide all over the motorhome trying to sit cross legged, refusing to go out for doggy duty. However, if I put on his rain coat, he suddenly becomes fearless about the rain. He tosses back his hood, then splashes through mud puddles when he could skirt around them. By the time we get home again, his slicker is covered in muck yet he is amazingly clean. I caught this picture at the start of the walk before he had a chance to trash his raincoat.

circus dog by dear miss mermaid, dog slicker, dog raincoat

Jekyll Island on the Georgia coast in the sea islands has many wonderful foot, paw and bicycle paths.
jekyll island, bicycle paths, paved bicycle path,

Below is my goofy bicycle with the addition of the hornless split pad Hobson bicycle seat. It's surprisingly comfortable with no pressure points on my crotch or tailbone. I am still struggling with the handlebar comfort. On a whimsical note, I added leather motorcycle grips with fringe. At the bottom of the picture is my kickstand with a faded red rubber ball glued on it. The kickstand it came with is just kind of flimsy, even on pavement. On dirt or sand, it's a disaster. My bicycle used to fall over with a loud clang, making a mess, one time the fall knocked my handlebars crooked. Good grief.

Then I saw a man on the beach with a bicycle that had a tennis ball attached to his kickstand. Hmm... what a fabulous idea that really works. My bicycle has never fallen over since the addition of the red rubber ball. Well, I take that back. It fell once when the ball slipped too high up the kickstand. I guess I wore a hole right through the bottom of the ball from heavy use., so we removed the rubber ball, stuck glue on the bottom of the kickstand, then jammed the ball back on to adhere permanently.
schwinn bicycle converted to electric assist, basket painers, leather motorcycle grips

Jekyll Island has many massive ancient trees dripping in moss. This one was found beside the fence bordering the airport. I hope it lives forever. Trees are good for the planet.

spanish moss on jekyll island georgia in the sea islands

That trucker wasn't following me too close on a road or highway. I pulled into the Blue Beacon which is a 24 hour truck and RV wash. I waited behind 6 trucks for my turn to come up. That gave me time to lock the windows, cover the outside refrigerator vent, walk the dog and admire the sky. Typically only one truck is in the bay at a time while about a half dozen workers attack the outside with pressure hoses soaping up the rig, then rinsing. My mini motorhome is so small, they often fit a truck in behind me.
class c motorhome, blue beason truck and rv wash
(If you don't get the Grey Poupon joke, watch the original 1980's Grey Poupon commercial on youtube.)

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