Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Strange Critters

Camping is all about natures and critters, some inside, some outside. I love being with nature, but sometimes they love my motorhome a bit too much.
 This sand dollar was probably still alive, so I snapped his photo then took him back out to sea.

 Dear me it's deer come a calling complete with baby Bambi too.
 I don't think this crab was still alive, not sure what happened to him, looks like a hit and run.

 Incredible! This praying mantis was found INSIDE my motorhome. No idea how he managed to sneak inside because I've been keeping the doors and windows closed. He was safely relocated outside. I pray this man tis not dangerous...

I don't know why froggies like me, but I've found them inside and outside the motorhome. This fellow has been riding around the outside of the motorhome for awhile. And he is still here.

 This scary creature feature has been dogging me for years.

Found while walking, minding my own business, I almost tripped right over him, and boy was he ever crabby about that... but he posed for a pic before he scampered off.



  1. hd has BOTH ears up.

    rolos. outta gelato. raz

  2. He had both ears up because the wind was blowing.


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