Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sun Is Up

Healing healing healing...

Chanting in my head over and over, convincing mind over body, we can do this. 

Healing healing healing...

Is it working?

I need a shower... the dog is hungry...

Healing healing healing...

Well, yes... um, no... perhaps... maybe... is it raining again?

Talk about a non-answer! (I've learned this from *ahem* certain men I know who can give fabulous non-answers to simple questions.) Tee hee hee! I better stop with that one now... tee hee hee...

Um maybe...

I woke up alive, the dog is energetic, and moss is dripping off ancient oaks. Life is really wonderful in spite of me wanting to complain about silly stuff, like my arm hurts and the pain is enormous, but oh wait, didn't I shatter my wrist barely 6 weeks ago? Of course it hurts, quit whining, it will heal heal heal... 

Go outside and smell the rain, smile, be happy. Life is goof. 

This bit of fluff is my crazy little puppy dog and his tennis ball. He is so energetic, I can hardly keep up with him. My traveling friend has had to take extra good care of his energetic ways while I recuperate. But I want to be out there LIVING. Forget the pain, just wake up and LIVE. 

Seize the day like an energetic doggy!  

Tee hee hee...

My puppy prefers to sleep late in the mornings, but I dragged his fluffy scruff out at dawn recently. He was so sleepy, I had to carry him part way with my good arm. 

We were camped at my favorite place, near the ocean, where I feel most at home. I spent most of my adult life living/working on the ocean or living/working by the ocean, mostly in far flung ports on tiny islands in a much simpler life. 

Now things are different... and I am still confused...

But on one recent morning, I was determined to walk to the beach to watch the sun rise over the ocean despite the storm, haze and clouds. Never mind the pain, it's such a constant companion lately, I just smile and grimace and get on with life. 

Miraculously, the sun didn't let me down either. After demurely hiding behind thick clouds, it eventually rose above them to make a spectacular appearance.

And I was there. 

Alive and smiling. With a very sleepy doggy who for once, wasn't running amok. When I set him down, he quietly sniffed around the sea shells revealed by low tide while I snapped some photos of this glorious moment in time. 

Waking up alive.

It's a grand start to a wonderful day.

hunting island south carolina



  1. That's a beautiful sunrise and would give me great hope for the day. I guess you just have to take one day at a time.


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