Sunday, February 28, 2016

Another Gorgeous Day

Another beautiful day in paradise.

I finally got to go see the ocean!

So funny to be camped so close and rarely get to see it.

Florida Dog beach laws are cruel

This was the view from the table where we dined. It was kind of funny because I was bundled up in long corduroy jeggings, 2 shirts, a sweater and fur lined boots watching people in their bikinis go by.

I spent 23 years of my life living and working on or by or in the ocean. I miss it all the time. I almost cried when we sat down to lunch.

The service was super slow, which made me feel right at home. When I lived in the Caribbean, restaurant staff were always painfully slow.

Florida Dog beach laws are cruel

Florida is nutty about dog laws. My poor little doggy had to sit in the car. He is NOT allowed at the beaches anywhere in this big long county and most of Florida is that way. That is just oh so cruel for a puppy dog. He doesn't understand why humans are allowed to go to the beach and toss garbage everywhere. Here he is just a doggy wanting to run and play and dig on the beach. He doesn't bring garbage to throw out. His owner has the poop bags in case he leaves a deposit, but he prefers not to poop at the beach because to him, that is his play pen.

Florida Dog beach laws are cruel

When we camp at Hunting Island he does his business before we enter the beach. He doesn't want to mess up his play area.

I hope South Carolina (where Hunting Island is) will forever be friendly to dogs and dog owners.

Florida Dog beach laws are cruel


  1. You are only about 5 miles from a dog beach granted it's not very big but at least that's a dog beach...

  2. mermaid. most of my lunches are consumed while i'm going or coming for a parts run. usually "bait shop/gas station delicatessen" food. so, to get to set and eat an unhurried meal is a blessing. besides where are you going in a hurry.

    gelato. raz


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