Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Same Day, New Bull

No matter how hard life gets, though, it just keeps going. 
In fact, that’s what makes existence oddly beautiful.


And that's no bull... 

I wrote the above this morning while having a rough time changing bandages and cantankerous tape that causes awful reactions to my skin. The pucking fain was just hugely distracting. I closed the laptop to rest awhile. How can two sentences be so exhausting?

Later in the day I went outside between rain squalls to sit in my rocking chair and meditate for deliverance. Suddenly a cow behind me at the farm let out this loud bellowing as if screaming for help. I leaped up to go have a look-see, she was just over my fence a few feet away laying on the ground mooing at the top of her lungs while her sides heaved.

I thought "Oh my! You're in pain too! What's wrong that you're over here caterwauling?"

Suddenly she bawled quite loudly then pushed out half a calf! While I scrambled to go get my camera, she heaved out the rest of the calf.

He was laying on the ground when I returned with big open eyes looking very confused.

Over the next 20 minutes his mother bathed him, removing the afterbirth while the little runt tried to stand up. He was shaking and tangled up with his new feet. He kept falling back down. At one point the little calf looked over at me with big round eyes.

"Hi. I'm new here."

 I made several  videos of his numerous attempts to stand. Finally I caught it on camera, his final successful attempt at standing. Later I checked the time stamp. Twenty minutes after birth he managed to stand up on all four hooves and remain upright.

Take a look:

Thanks for plopping by today!


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bike Week

Love all the comments, thank you!

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I have tons to write about fixing up this old rig. I am enjoying my new old home.

Lately I've been consumed with alternative treatments that are taking up a lot of my time. It's sadly one of the main reasons I had to consider settling down for a spell. Some days are good, some are better.

Luckily I am still in an RV, so I can feel like I am ready to travel,  though this 5th wheel is more of a destination RV. Besides I can't tow it with my bicycle anyhow.

It's bike week in Florida, well every week seems like bike week in Florida. This RV park has many snowbirds and their motorcycles here for the winter.

Has anyone seen my doggy? He loves motorcycles.

He's had company too for bike week.

His future ex girlfriend stopped by.
She is sporting a doggy sized helmet. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Why do people with sloppy handwriting choose to label critical items?

I am trying to decipher the electric panel.

What fun!

I've been busy  oscillating between repairing and recuperating with not much time to write.

Life is goof.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Sun Rose

Every day is a good day.

I woke up alive. 

So I am off to a good start!

My RV lot came with  this magnificent azalea bush that suddenly burst into bloom.

What a magnificent surprise!

It hides me pretty well from the street. 

Life is goof.

Any day you wake up alive, it's a GREAT day.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Yeehaw Junction

Traveled in time to Yeehaw Junction, Florida in a friend's RV.

Stopped to walk the doggy and found the tavern open for lunch with live music inside and about 100 motorcycles parked outside.

Surprisingly they had a table for us. One dollar bills with names written on them were tacked up all over the place. I figure about four or five thousand dollar hung around. 

Years back in the Caribbean I was at a seaside bar with the same thing, one dollar bills with names on them tacked up on the ceiling blowing in the wind. Back then drinks were a dollar. The proprietor said the fishermen stuck a dollar up there with their name on it so that if they came in one day with no fish or money, they could take their dollar bill off the ceiling and buy a cold one.

Not sure why all the money tacked up at this place, maybe for the same reason, though I don't think there was anything on the chalkboard menu for under a dollar.

Food was fabulous, home cooked to order. In view of all the chaos inside and outside the wait wasn't that long considering the awesome food. They had real french fries. I normally avoid french fries becasue most places serve up awful frozen ones that are typically chemicals plus some potato powder thrown in. These were plain old potatoes sliced and fried. Oh my gosh, the taste was awesome. 

Not sure if were were at Jackass Crossing, Yeehaw Junction or the Desert Inn. Either way it's a hysterical landmark. Oops, I mean historical landmark. Very whimsical.

I've driven by and stopped here before, but the place was always closed. What fun to find it open. The live music was provided by a gent that might have seen 70 a long time ago. His voice was like velvet and he played non stop during our time there keeping the crowd entertained.

At some point the motorcycle group roared up their engines all at once, then took off in a cloud of dust. I managed to save a bit of my meal for a certain little Harley dog who was patiently waiting outside in the RV during lunch. He was thrilled of course as he loves to dine out.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Gone on a short road trip!

No, not towing my 5th wheel with a bicycle *giggle*.

I have left with a friend in their RV.

Back soon!

 These were blooming near my lot when I left. How exquisite.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Home Sweet Home, Some Pics of the 5th Wheel

 My new used wheel estate is a  1992 5th wheel that is 36 feet long with a jumbo 4x15 foot slideout in the living area, with a second slide in the bedroom that is the width of the queen bed and slides out maybe 2 feet or so. Shown is the blue window valances which have now been removed to allow more sunshine inside. They just weren't my taste and they hogged a lot of precious natural daylight. The upper cabinets between the living and dining area are stained glass. All the cabinets are solid oak, not fall-a-parti-cle board. Behind the sofa are two wall sconces with articulating brackets. The sofa has two built-in recliners that are massive and can lay down completely flat for serious snoozing. I know, I have slept there quite a few times!
 This is my kitchen before I moved in. I have not owned a dishwasher in 30+ years. This is an 18 inch dishwasher, not a full sized, but it works nicely. The countertops are white Corian. Those blue valances were removed. The large window in back still has the hurricane shutter closed up on it, but I opened it after relocating the rig to my lot. In my motorhome I had to use a step stool to reach the microwave, in this one the microwave which also has an electric broiler built in is much lower and I don't need a step stool to use it. The top drawer has a built-in long wooden chopping board that slides in and out or is removable for using on top of the countertop. It also has a built-in knife drawer. The sink came with Corian covers, but I don't really use them as my sink stays so busy since I eat at home 99% of the time. Amazingly the propane oven came with a 12 volt light, extremely rare for RV's. I had to order the replacement bulb from Vintage Trailer Supply.

 The past fire(?) or malfunction from the propane hot water looked frightening! The hot water is 10 gallons where as my motorhome had 6 gallons. It's converted to electric only now. Amazingly, the mess cleaned up in 5 minutes of hard work. Why did the prior owner leave it like that? Just mind boggling.
 Above is the 15 foot slideout. Four of the windows on the RV came with awnings. They all have a dark limousine tint. That is storage area that is actually behind a builtin table behind my sofa. It's called a console table. Harley dog has moved his bed up there so he can have a nice view of the outdoors.
 Harley dog inspects the new bedroom. Both sides of the bed have wall sconces. There are end tables with cabinets plus over head cabinets in the bedroom plus chest of drawers and not shown is a long cabinet to the right that is under the opposing window.
 Eventually I removed the blue valances. The decorator had them hogging nearly a third of the window! I just didn't like their style even though many folks thought they were beautiful, I wanted more natural light. I kept all the accordion blinds. They aren't in the best shape but they work and provide privacy at night. The big mirrors to the right are the sliding doors to the closet.
 Lots of moving mess! This big long window was hidden by the oversized valance which has been removed. Harley dog loves it that he has a view out the window. The bottom section slides open. It came with a destroyed screen which has now been repaired and replaced.
 This small valance in the bathroom was kept, since it didn't hog any window area. The toilet is in a tiny room by itself with a window and (not shown) an oak cabinet for loads of toilet paper storage. The toilet was the wrong size in that it was super low designed for RV's that have the toilet that sits on a platform like my former motorhome. The low to the floor toilet was giving me such problems, that I added a 4 inch raised seat from a medical supply company. This was far cheaper (for now) than replacing the china toilet with the correct size. The new toilet seat is much higher and came with a closing lid. Many for some strange reason are sold without lids, but me being fussy, wanted one with a lid. The window has mini blinds for privacy but the dark windows by day, afford privacy without the blinds. It's only at night, one needs the blinds as otherwise the bright light in the bathroom lights up the window view from the outside. Not sure I am describing that right.
 Here is my kitchen in full chaos! The blue valances have already been removed. I have lots of cabinets. The parquet floor is original from 1992. The rig has overhead fluorescent lights as well as spot lights. My view out the kitchen window is of the farm in back of me.
 My new shower is super roomy with a builtin seat and an oval tub. It's really just kid sized, but it's easy to bathe the dog and to soak my feet while showering. Overhead is a big sky light. I had to buy a drain plug for the tub. Just one of the oddball things missing from the rig. The tub of course is handy for washing up big things besides dog or stinky feet.
 This is the split bath with the hallway going down the middle. At both ends are oak pocket doors that slide in and out of the walls with ease. The two steps shown go up are to the bedroom. The shower has a glass door trimmed in brass. Not shown, but to the right is a generous vanity with makeup light, mirrors and a full sized bathroom sink with beveled mirrors. It has a cabinet below and above. That tall closet on the right hides a stackable washer/dryer. I have not owned a clothes dryer in 30+ years! To the left is a mirrored door that hides the toilet room (water closet). The ceiling has a opening hatch with a 2 speed exhaust fan.
 I feel so spoiled having a washer/dryer hiding behind these double doors.To the left of them you can barely see the vanity counter and just beyond that is a tall slender linen cabinet with drawers below. That oval mirror is on the living room wall with the exit door  (not shown) to the right. You can barely see the pocket door to the right. It closes right to left to add more privacy to the bath and laundry area.
 Shown below is the mirrored door hiding the toilet room.To the left are two steps down to the living area. It's a bit confusing, but reflected in the mirror is the exit door to the outside with a big wall clock above it and a red fire extinguisher by the door.
More pics coming soon!

Tons of work in progress fixing broken things.

This rig was a huge bargain, but requires some sweat equity to make it splendid. I was never expecting to own such luxury or such a generous size. The room is double what I am used to in my little old motorhome. This rig has about 300 square feet of indoor area, which to me seems HUGE.

Some of the work being done is for my safety. For instance the floor registers for the furnace were cheap flimsy plastic. Two were broken and one being right in the hallway (shown above) was an ankle breaker waiting to happen. You can see it above in the mirror. Chasing down sturdy metal registers in the correct size turned out to take a monumental effort and the cost wasn't cheap. I had to settle for several in a grayish brown color and one in white. That is how hard they were to find! I put the white one in the bedroom.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Cold Snap Hit Florida

40 effing degrees last night in sunny Florida.

I looked into fur lining my flip flops and found out Amazon sells sheepskin flip flops.

When I bought my 1992 5th wheel, it came with an electric fireplace. Unfortunately I was told the heater function had died a week before.

Searching high and low, I ended up buying a new fireplace with electric heat because when I finally got the 5th wheel moved to my lot, temperatures plunged to freezing.  When I pulled the old one out of the corner hutch where it had been installed, a slip of paper came out with the model numbers. Apparently the heat part was available as a part to be bought, but required some knowledge on wiring things up, so I decided to photograph and measure the old one then put it up on Craigslist for sale describing that the fireplace was beautiful but if one was handy they could replace the heater parts.

Amazingly it sold the next day to a couple that drove up, looked at the roaring fire for 30 seconds, paid me then loaded it up and left.

I must admit the ambiance of a fire is tons of fun. The fact it optionally puts out up to 1500 watts of heat is handy indeed. The new fireplace came with remote, a high or low heat function as well as the option to use the thermostat. The fireplace itself has 9 ambiance settings. It can also run as a fireplace with no heat output.

While my picture doesn't do it justice, the fireplace is surprisingly realistic. Above it I moved a TV from my old motorhome to the fifth wheel. It's a whopping 24 inch TV.

The original brochure for this 5th wheel shows this corner hutch with a cabinet door. I guess at some point somebody added the fireplace, which is a great idea. I may at some point add some faux brick around it for fun and games.

To the right if the parquet floor in the kitchen.

During the extreme cold in December  I also discovered my propane furnace would not come on either.

Would I regret buying this old fifth wheel?

There are times I want to tear my hair out, but hey, I knew it was a 1992 and used things need a little work here and there. 

Things just kept cropping up. Cha-ching. More parts, more money, tons of studying in hopes I could fix some things myself. 

Amazingly I found an RV repairman who broke many appointments for weeks but finally showed up to repair the propane furnace. The thermostat didn't have power, once a new electric wire was run to the thermostat, binga banga boom, I had the propane furnace to supplement the fireplace when temps really dipped too low for the electric heat to keep up.

Life is goof.

Thursday, March 01, 2018



I can't tow my new used fifth wheel travel trailer with my bicycle.

Sold the motorhome after squeezing a ton of fun out of it. Couldn't tow the 5th wheel with it either.

So I am parked for a spell.

Could be a good long spell. 

Life is goof.

I didn't get many pictures before the move. It came with a big new wooden deck that sadly had to be abandoned, but on a stroke of luck it was regifted  back to the original handyman builder.

The picture above was taken just before we moved the decking further out of the way and the transporter hooked up the RV and towed it about 55 miles to my lot.  I didn't have time to take many pics, sad to say. There was a great deal of commotion going on plus my confused dog.

I was sick and the move had been postponed several times due to a multitude of ongoing problems, some unrelated to the actual RV. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to see it arrive on my lot. I had been trying  to get it moved for nearly three weeks!

If you can imagine a 70 year old man , plus me who was sick and weak, and a man with a bad back and one yappy dog all trying to move this deck... We were comedy in motion. Previously part of the deck has been disassembled, but the cramp-ground had many obstacles in getting the rig out. There were sign posts and such blocking the way as the park assumed the rig would not be moving. At the last minute, it was decided that the deck had to be moved or more of it disassembled.

When  a young strapping man (an angel!) drove through the entrance of the park, he slammed on brakes, got out of his truck and asked us if we needed help.

He worked really hard to help us get it moved out of the way. 

He was strong and sweating to move the deck. I was bundled up in layers of clothing because I couldn't warm up. Talk about a contrast!

I was going to pay him for his work, because we surely needed his help. He saved us hours of inching it along. He refused payment.

I mentioned how well the deck was built and he said he should know, he built it!

He wanted to know when we were coming back to get it. 

When I explained I couldn't take it with me and it was a shame to abandon it, he asked if he could have it to relocate to his mother-in-law's place.

I was delighted it was going to get a new home as it wasn't very old. It had been built a few months earlier with about a thousand dollars of lumber and screws.

Due to the ongoing chaos of buying the rig, moving it and my issues with me being super sick and a close friend being super sick (who suddenly died!) there just wasn't time to do anything about the deck.

If I didn't get the RV moved out of the cramp-ground where I purchased it, then rent and utilities were going to be on my dime. When I say cramp-ground I was serious about it being crowded and cramped. It was also net to a super busy noisy highway.

The RV was sort of a distress sell.

The owner had suddenly moved out as he was very ill and not expected to live. His grown children were selling it on his behalf and they knew nothing about the rig or it's inner and outer workings.

This has been a huge learning curve for me.

It was a great bargain.  Many people were trying to buy it. I guess I am not the only bargain hunter in Florida.

However, it will and already has cost a ton in sweat equity with more than a few surprises along the way of critical repairs.

The pic below is how it looked with most of the decking walls still up at the fifth wheel's old location. That is a 20 foot shade awning and the bedroom window on the right also has a built-in shade awning. I can open the windows when it's raining and put the shade out to let in fresh air without the rain coming in.  It blocks the sunshine, but where my lot is located now, I have towering oaks over it for shade.

 The next picture below:
This is the rear of the wheel estate. That is a storm cover for the kitchen window. Sadly the former owner never opened it. I of course live with it opened and the huge window there cranks open for fresh air.

The big M below is where the spare tire is hidden.

The former owner also neglected to keep his tags current. I had to pay a bloody fortune to get new tags, but I did not have to pay for his years.  I also had to pay 7% sales tax when I bought tags.

The total cost at the DMV almost caused me to faint.  I didn't realize sales ta was 7%, I thought it was much lower.

Florida charged me a full year for my tags because they refuse to prorate and the tags come due on my birthday in April, so I have to pay all over again. Not a fair system. Plus there were some kind of up front costs beyond the sales tax and tags.

It's a terrible way to do business, but that is how government operates. No prorating of tags. Grr...

Many people suggested I lie about the cost of the RV to save on sales tax, but I was scared of bad karma and told the truth to give it good luck. And that karma cost me a lot!

Florida requires current tags on all RV's in the state whether parked long term or short term. I am surprised the former owner got away without having to pay for his tags, but that is his problem, not mine.

I put insurance and tags on the RV immediately. This picture was taken before I put the new tag on it.

Next pic below:
That is my jumbo 15 foot slide out. The manual says to make sure you have 3 feet to stick it out, but DUH, it sticks out 4 feet, not 3.

I was thrilled it came with 4 huge windows and the awnings.

You can see the dirt on the rig, but it's been washed since this pic and cleaned up beautifully. This pic is at the old lot.
 This pic below is the driver's side of the RV while facing aft, with the slide still out. That tiny window is where my toilet room (water closet) is located. Yes, the toilet sits in a room all by itself, with a window and a view.

Amazon has 
shipped me many RV parts
that were cheaper than the local dealers and stores.