Monday, March 12, 2018

Yeehaw Junction

Traveled in time to Yeehaw Junction, Florida in a friend's RV.

Stopped to walk the doggy and found the tavern open for lunch with live music inside and about 100 motorcycles parked outside.

Surprisingly they had a table for us. One dollar bills with names written on them were tacked up all over the place. I figure about four or five thousand dollar hung around. 

Years back in the Caribbean I was at a seaside bar with the same thing, one dollar bills with names on them tacked up on the ceiling blowing in the wind. Back then drinks were a dollar. The proprietor said the fishermen stuck a dollar up there with their name on it so that if they came in one day with no fish or money, they could take their dollar bill off the ceiling and buy a cold one.

Not sure why all the money tacked up at this place, maybe for the same reason, though I don't think there was anything on the chalkboard menu for under a dollar.

Food was fabulous, home cooked to order. In view of all the chaos inside and outside the wait wasn't that long considering the awesome food. They had real french fries. I normally avoid french fries becasue most places serve up awful frozen ones that are typically chemicals plus some potato powder thrown in. These were plain old potatoes sliced and fried. Oh my gosh, the taste was awesome. 

Not sure if were were at Jackass Crossing, Yeehaw Junction or the Desert Inn. Either way it's a hysterical landmark. Oops, I mean historical landmark. Very whimsical.

I've driven by and stopped here before, but the place was always closed. What fun to find it open. The live music was provided by a gent that might have seen 70 a long time ago. His voice was like velvet and he played non stop during our time there keeping the crowd entertained.

At some point the motorcycle group roared up their engines all at once, then took off in a cloud of dust. I managed to save a bit of my meal for a certain little Harley dog who was patiently waiting outside in the RV during lunch. He was thrilled of course as he loves to dine out.

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