Saturday, March 31, 2018

Cheers for Chairs

 When I bought the rig it came with this dining area. The valanes were removed. The chairs looked elegant enough but they were crowded and not comfy for typing, though OK for fast dining. I hated to part with them since they were solid oak, but I do most of my food entertaining outside anyhow. So I really just needed 2 chairs and not 4 crowded in.

The carpet was removed from the dining area because it had numerous burns and spills. I couldn't stand to look at it without feeling sick. The dining floor is at a slant and not level. I am so sorry I didn't notice then when I bought the rig.

Four months later, still trying to figure out how to fix it. A repair is in the works as I type. It seems like only yesterday I moved in here. I still don't know where all my stuff is, but when in doubt, I just search the shed which has become the walk in closet.

 Shown above are chairs I bought for $10 each and had buyer's remorse shortly afterwards. Oops!

They were big and comfy, a little too big. Chrome casters had been added by a previous owner so they did roll around. While I was using a bare floor in the dining room I was given the opportunity to snatch up goodies out of a shed. My friend had died, his relatives packed up all they wanted then said "Go look in the shed and take what you want."

I found that big hunk of Daytona vinyl. I laid it out in the dining are and it looked hideous with the other colors in the rig and competed with the beautiful parquet floor. In a different tone and style, it would look awesome, just not my cup of tea in this rig. So it's just laying there. I will move it to the shed and use it on the floor in there. It will look awesome and right at home in there!

 Third set of chairs is the charm! These Chromcraft chairs sell for $455 each new, but I found them at a thrift store for $20 each. I am super happy with them. Very comfy and oh so functional. They swivel, rock, tilt, roll and they sit oh so lovely with armrests that slide neatly under the dining table.

In the pic above and below, the chairs and dining table have been relocated to the living room while we work on shoring up the sagging dining area floor.

The chairs are solid oak with some kind of luxurious hunter green ultrasuede fabric. They are very comfy. All my other chairs I tried to sell for weeks and weeks on Craigslist to no avail. Maybe everyone is shopping thrift stores for their chairs. *SIGH*

Finally I donated all my extra chairs, they were taking up way too much room in the shed. I couldn't get to the shelving to where my stuff is, like digging out all the bandages and tape and goops I needed recently to patch up this old bod.
I think there is a shopper angel that steers me to such great bargains. These chairs had just been donated the same day I showed up to donate chairs. I had to press the cashier for a price. My friend with the van was a gallant gentleman indeed to haul my 8 donated chairs to a charity thrift store then haul back home the chairs I bought.

These are the final chairs. I am super happy and very lucky. They have an adjustable knob for the tilt. I can now tilt way back in the chair and do a good long stretch. Also it rocks and I love to rock. The chairs roll so you could say I can rock and roll!



  1. What a deal! Those chairs are attractive, functional, comfortable and the price was right. I will be checking back to see what you do about the sagging dining area. This may not be a big issue as you entertain outdoors. I haven't seen Harley lately and hope he has adjusted to living in the lap of luxury.

  2. What a find the chairs are ! Yes, you were in the right store
    at the right time. That's just the best feeling when it happens. 😊

  3. Always lots of things to change in a new rig:)


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