Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Almost There

10 days til my birthday!
Yippie doodle do!

I can't believe I will hopefully be celebrating in my new rig. How amazing!

When I first bought this rig, I didn't say anything on my blog. Initially there were so many problems and nightmares, I feared I had made a terrible mistake. I contemplated selling the 5th wheel before I ever brought it home.

I had already paid cash for it, paid a small fortune to the state of Florida for tags, sales taxes and assorted fees plus placed the maximum insurance on it including roadside assistance. If I had a made a mistake, it was going to cost me and set me back. How embarrassing. How humiliating. Yeah, I've made mistakes before.

Twice I've bought houses that I never got to live in. That was long ago, but still, both were mistakes. Luckily I got out of both nightmares. One was a home that was burned down by a vindictive ex lover. The title was in both our names. We never lived in it. We were contemplating moving into it after our marriage. But I found out some alarming information about my intended.  I cancelled the wedding. Amazingly I sold my exotic wedding dress to a blushing gushing bride who was marrying her 4th husband. I was invited to her wedding, my ex was not. But he showed up anyhow. He was in for a shock when he realized the bride was wearing my dress. My ex fiancee was furious about my abrupt break up. He attended the wedding uninvited in hopes of changing my mind. Even though I wanted nothing to do with him, I kept peace by pretending his presence was expected.

For some reason my brain is so foggy that I can no longer remember a thing about that house. How strange is that. The insurance company knew he was probably 100% guilty of arson but assembling an ironclad  case was tough. They discovered in his past, other suspicious fires and insurance claims. Initially they paid off  my half of the claim. His half was never paid. He was warned that if he pursued his claim, they would pursue arson charges. Since we never married I could testify against him. What a mess. He dropped his claim.

Another home I bought had not formally closed when the former owner decided to vandalize it. There were so many witnesses to his wanton destruction that the purchase was easily reversed. I had not even spent a night in the house.

Well enough of that.

I found a piece of lattice work dumpster diving and installed it under the front end of my rig.


  1. Now that you sound like you're staying, it's time to change your blog's RV image, its title, and the line in small type under the big title. Happy birthday in advance!

  2. These days it is a blessing to have a roof over our heads. If we are out of debt that is even better. We are still working on our little place, but it is all ours. You are going to enjoy your little home.


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