Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Repair or Replace

Clammy weather on the cool side.

After many friendly phone calls, the repairman showed up to look at my air conditioning.

It's old and dirty.

I gave it a real good cleaning.

A month or more ago a guy showed up and said he would be back a week later to complete repairs to my AC but I never saw nor heard from him again. However, his friend who had sent him over, said the guy had suddenly moved when he got a deal on property and was having troubles getting his double wide trailer all hooked up to the utilities.

The next guy to show up gave the AC a look see and promised to be back the next day.

That day came and went.

A few more super friendly phone calls and voice mail messages  plus another week or two or three and he turns up one day.

By now I had it in pieces ready for him to have a go at it. Amazingly in under 10 minutes he found the problem, fixed it and turned it on.

I was so delighted and thanked him profusely. I went to get him money to pay him. I was thrilled!

When I came back, he was gone. Truck just vanished into thin air. I had told him about another lady in the park that wanted to see him too. Had he gone there? But I checked and his truck was not there either.

I haven't seen him since. How can he work for free?

Last time he repaired my furnace and I went to pay him but all I had a was a hundred dollar bill. He said he would go get change and I said well keep it. I wanted to tip him for finally giving me heat as I had been plenty cold without it.

So at this point I don't know what I owe him. He is my number one repair man for this area, because if one is lucky enough to get him to look at something, he generally gets it fied rapidly withouth repalcement.

Many RV repairman are on a replacement schedule only. They make more money and less work by insisting RVers replace rather than repair. I am old school. I want things repaired rather than replaced.

I feel like the luckiest person in the whole wide world! I have heat and I have air conditioning. Today it's so beautiful I have all the windows open and plain fresh air. My favorite!

Life under the oaks.



  1. Funny. Just yesterday we had a man in the community who is a "jack of all trades" to give us an estimate for a small porch on the back of the house. What we have is old and unsafe.

    He took a look at my air conditioner and said we didn't need to buy a new one to make it cool better, it just needed cleaning. We may hire him to help us with that. The searing hot weather is approaching Oklahoma.

    What a delightful story about your vanishing repairman! Your place is going to be something else!

  2. Keep this going please, great job!

  3. I know how you feel about fix not replace. All last winter I didn't have heat because they couldn't get it lit and said it needed to be replaces, this winter I said time for heat so I got a couple estimates, not one of them even looked to see if it could be fixed. After all $3,000. isn't loose change. I tried one more guy and he showed up right away, asked what the problem was and took the furnace apart 10 min. later I had heat. he did need to replace a part and came back 2 hrs later with the part $100. Thank You Michael.


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