Friday, April 27, 2018

Puter too Slow?

This is a how to be a Geek for a day and get your puter running at top speed for free.

I use a ton of free programs over the years to keep my ancient laptop running at top speed. I try to go through all these steps about once a week give or take. I do use the CCleaner more often by itself to clear off internet junk.

First off do a Windows update.
Then do a Create A Restore Point

I would also back up all your docs and pics etc., and clean off any of those you don't need AFTER making the backups.

Just do one thing at a time, then restart your computer and if all is well, move on to the next item. I would keep making restore points between tweaks. If anything goes wrong, you can restore and then start over.

I haven't listed the programs (bottom of this note) in the preferred order, but basically between creating restore points, I would do things in this order:

Update windows
Backup docs and pics, then remove those you don't need or use right now
Remove programs you don't use
Check malware
Check virus
Clean Registry
Defrag Registry
Find Junk Files


Aulogics Disk Defrag

Find Junk Files

Housecall free virus scan


Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Eusing Free Registry Defrag

I've had very good luck and my laptop is over 10 years old and still cranking out.  I am using Windows 7 on a 64 bit system.

Have something else to do as some of these tasks will hog the computer for awhile, so you can clean the kitchen between chores or paint your toe nails or dust the ceiling...

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