Friday, April 06, 2018

Coping with New Used RV

When I saw my 5th wheel for the first time, I fell in lust with it. I had files full of pics and prices on rigs I had collected info on that were way beyond my means, but had the comforts and space I craved. It was just a wishful daydreaming type research I mostly did to cure insomnia.

 Sicker shock was causing me to give up hope and wait a few more years. But the one I bought came on the market at a whale of a deal. I dropped what I was doing to go see it an hour and a half away never dreaming I would be buying it within an hour of first seeing it.

Later I regretted my purchase and found it incredibly hard to get comfortable in my new used rig. Had I made a mistake? At the time I was juggling a few nightmares. I was very sick and so was my close friend who suddenly perished. This distressed and  frightened me as if everything was spiraling out of control.

I realized I had to make some changes. I bought a new mattress, swapped out the dining chairs and realized the leather sofa needs the aid of a blanket in the winter to keep from feeling cold. It's a lush super comfy couch except for the dadgum leather feels cold in the winter.

Harley dog had a hard time settling in too, trying to figure out where he belonged. We both missed having our windshield view of dog walkers. We often joined other dog walkers so Harley could see his buddies. Now we can't see them come by unless we are already outside. So many different things to get used to on a daily basis.

Sadly my joint problem is not likely to leave me so I am having to add more and more adaptive aids to my day to day lifestyle. My old rig had many incorporated in her decor and design over the years. Many were relocated from my old rig to this rig but it took a lot of effort to uninstall and reinstall.

Due to another health issue, I can go through a small mountain of laundry in short order. Having a washer/dryer is a huge adaptive aid for me. I used to hang dry my clothes but moving to this lot has made that problematic. First off they don't allow laundry lines except the collapsible umbrella type which I don't own.

They do provide public clothes lines at the rec hall yard. Recently at a hog dog fire roast at the pit we had a good long look at some lady's assorted undies left on the line. Rather comical for conversation starters.

My lot is covered in tall oak tree branches that rain down leaves, pollen and Spanish moss 24/7. Drying clothes can mean they get covered in leaves, green wormy critters and tree plus bug debris. My dryer is only 110 not 220 yet it seems to dry things really nicely without heating up the rig. My washer and dryer are smaller than the typical house size since they are the Kenmore stackable. laundry center.

Probably the only adaptive aid to come with this rig was the lazy suzy on the high shelf of the laundry center. I have my soap, vinegar, borax, bleach and hydrogen peroxide spray bottle on it.

The water is hard here so I use regular soap detergent with a 1/3 cup of Borax. I have a Downy automatic dispenser that I fill with white vinegar, well fill two thirds because it relies on the centrifugal force of the spin to open it up for rinsing. The vinegar softens clothes and keeps the pump from gumming up with hard water crud. I never use dryer sheets as I prefer natural clothes and the dryer sheets irritate my skin.

The hydrogen peroxide spray bottle is for removing stains prior to washing. You would be surprised how many stains it will clean. I had a dress get washed that came back out with the stains still on them because I forgot to pretreat. I did the hydrogen peroxide, let it sit awhile then washed again. Came out clean.

My three outdoor steps were plain metal prone to slipperiness when wet. I had some non-slip tape I put on them first. But I didn't really like that choice. Splurged for some outdoor carpet made for RV steps with the little grommets and springs in back. I wanted the color blue but the black color was selling far cheaper so black it is.

The carpet is that outdoor magnetic type so it practically cleans the shoes as you walk on it. I tend to kick my shoes off at the door, but many of my friends do not.

The inside entry has a square of parquet flooring. This looks nifty and is functional. I keep a fluffy washable rug there for cleaning my bare feet and the dog loves the rug for guarding the door. I try to shake it out daily but it can go in the wash too.

I am thinking of getting this washable rug from amazon that comes with a 10 year warranty for their gorilla grip rubber backing. That is always the problem. Once the rubber backing starts flaking off, it's too dangerous to put in the wash and has to be done outside by hand.

Off to see the wizard!

Enjoy your day.

6 more days until my big birthday!


  1. To warm up that sofa, get a couch cover. I did. They come in all colors and even patterns. Also several materials.

  2. The non-electrical hardware store -- Lehmans -- has many Amish made dryers. I have two of them and haven't used a conventional dryer for my clothes for about 16 years. If you browse, you may get some ideas.

  3. You may already know about these. Just tossing out some ideas. I have found marjoram essential oil to be effective in relieving pain (mixed with carrier oil). It is known in the Mediteranean as "Joy of the Mountains." I like to cook it as an herb too.

    Boron arthritis Amazon has tri-boron which has magnesium, vitamin d and boron.

    Tart Cherry -- Swanson's has it. Reputed to be good for arthritis

    Amazon has turmeric with boswelia which is good for inflammation.


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