Sunday, April 29, 2018

Almost Finished

Life is good for a little doggie.

Dining room under construction is almost finished!

This rug was bought at Amazon for only $39 with free delivery.

The original dining room floor was white carpet that was heavily soiled with multiple cigarette burns from the previous owner. This 4x6 rug is a copy of a Covent Garden Persian Traditional Design. 

I bought the rug to hide the nasty white carpet until I could come up with plan B. 

The quality is outstanding. I receive many compliments on it. In the winter I use it in the kitchen over the parquet flooring because it's warmer on bare feet. In the summer I can use it in the dining room over the newly laid vinyl flooring. 

These rugs sold by A to Z come in assorted colors, designs and sizes.

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  1. I am glad to hear Harley is adjusting to a life of luxury. He is a sweetie.

    You got a good deal on the rug because it is $59 today.


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