Monday, April 09, 2018

Rhonda the Robot

Rhonda the robot. 

How could I fall in love with a robot?

One problem in buying this RV is that it came with miles of white plush carpet. At first I threw down a bed sheet on the main area so it wouldn't get tracked up while moving in. But the bed sheet was a pain to deal with and what's the use of having carpet if you don't use it. 

So the bedsheet came off and into the washer. 

The rig came with a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. So heavy I couldn't carry it from level to level to clean with it. Six weeks went by of nobody vacuuming. I sold the vacuum cleaner. The buyer had to come carry it off, I couldn't lift it. 

This is the first time I have owned a place with wall to wall carpet. 

I had heard they make robots to vacuum without human intervention. I did a ton of research then used my Christmas gift money (THANK YOU!) to buy the simplest robot vac available. No wifi, no schedule, just turn it on and let her work!

Now Rhonda vacuums EVERY day. Well I admit once in a while I goof up and give her the day off. But mostly I use her every single day. Leash up the dog for a walk, turn on Rhonda then lock the door. I come home to clean carpet. 

I have to move her to all 3 levels and she does an outstanding job. At first her cup over-floweth as apparently I had a lot of dirt inside. Even now on a daily basis she finds an amazing amount of debris to pick up. 

After tons of research I bought the original innovator, the Roomba which is now called iRobot. Their super simple model 614 suits me perfectly. 

Roomba carried replacement parts. I have learned one has to do a bit of maintenance on the bot every month. Plus it's important to empty it after every use. 

She seems powerful enough and has a sense of humor.

When Rhonda backs up she puts out her warning backup beeps. When she is done with an area she plays a TA DA! beep that is kind of cute. 

If she tangles up with something like one day she tried to swallow an empty errant dog poop bag and it got stuck so she shut down with an UT OH beep. 

She gently bumps into walls and furniture as she learns her way around. She does a superb job. I am mightily impressed. In my book she is an "adaptive aid". If you know of anyone struggling to maintain their independence, then get them a Roomba. 

I get a kick out of walking my dog or riding my bicycle knowing that I am multi-tasking what with Rhonda at home zipping around collecting dirt. 

For some fool reason I thought if I vacuumed every day Rhonda would run out of dirt to pick up. I try my best to take off my shoes and wipe my feet, but still Rhonda find dirt every where. 

Typically I empty her into the outside garbage can and clean her filter. Ever few weeks I have to give her a hair cut. Even though I mostly brush my long hair outdoors, it rolls around her roller brushes and clogs them up. She came with an included hair cutting tool that makes it easy and fast to clean her brushes. 

I am super impressed with Rhonda and she has quickly become my new best friend. Oh just kidding, I love my little crazy doggy. 

Which Harley dog had some issues with Rhonda. She eats any snacks left on the  floor! So now Harley is quick to be the hoover hound checking the kitchen often for tidbits because he is jealous of Rhonda. It appears that when he is in same room as Rhonda she chases him around. He doesn't like this either. 

If I need him to go outside, I just turn on Rhonda and he races for the door!

Amazon has many different iRobot models to choose from. I liked and bought the super simple model 614. 

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  1. So glad Rhonda came to live with you. She was a good investment. I looked her up on Amazon. Maybe I will have to wait to Christmas. lol


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