Sunday, March 04, 2018

Cold Snap Hit Florida

40 effing degrees last night in sunny Florida.

I looked into fur lining my flip flops and found out Amazon sells sheepskin flip flops.

When I bought my 1992 5th wheel, it came with an electric fireplace. Unfortunately I was told the heater function had died a week before.

Searching high and low, I ended up buying a new fireplace with electric heat because when I finally got the 5th wheel moved to my lot, temperatures plunged to freezing.  When I pulled the old one out of the corner hutch where it had been installed, a slip of paper came out with the model numbers. Apparently the heat part was available as a part to be bought, but required some knowledge on wiring things up, so I decided to photograph and measure the old one then put it up on Craigslist for sale describing that the fireplace was beautiful but if one was handy they could replace the heater parts.

Amazingly it sold the next day to a couple that drove up, looked at the roaring fire for 30 seconds, paid me then loaded it up and left.

I must admit the ambiance of a fire is tons of fun. The fact it optionally puts out up to 1500 watts of heat is handy indeed. The new fireplace came with remote, a high or low heat function as well as the option to use the thermostat. The fireplace itself has 9 ambiance settings. It can also run as a fireplace with no heat output.

While my picture doesn't do it justice, the fireplace is surprisingly realistic. Above it I moved a TV from my old motorhome to the fifth wheel. It's a whopping 24 inch TV.

The original brochure for this 5th wheel shows this corner hutch with a cabinet door. I guess at some point somebody added the fireplace, which is a great idea. I may at some point add some faux brick around it for fun and games.

To the right if the parquet floor in the kitchen.

During the extreme cold in December  I also discovered my propane furnace would not come on either.

Would I regret buying this old fifth wheel?

There are times I want to tear my hair out, but hey, I knew it was a 1992 and used things need a little work here and there. 

Things just kept cropping up. Cha-ching. More parts, more money, tons of studying in hopes I could fix some things myself. 

Amazingly I found an RV repairman who broke many appointments for weeks but finally showed up to repair the propane furnace. The thermostat didn't have power, once a new electric wire was run to the thermostat, binga banga boom, I had the propane furnace to supplement the fireplace when temps really dipped too low for the electric heat to keep up.

Life is goof.


  1. I hope you get all the "bugs" worked out and get to settle down and enjoy your new place. What does Harley think of it? Quite an adjustment I imagine.

  2. It might be good to diffuse some essential oils in your new/old place, especially since a sick person lived there. You can also put eucalyptus essential oil in a bottle with water and spray it around. Eucalyptus is sooo good for the lungs. Check first to make sure which ones would be safe for Harley.

  3. Love the fireplace...looks great!


Life is goof!