Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Little Behind

I am a little behind in my work and it shows... :)

How would you caption this photo?


I am so glad the campaigns are over.  Now that I've voted for a turkey, I can focus on a candidate to roast at Thanksgiving.


Seriously, I am juggling a little too much but working to even it all out and get back to writing and living.

It's so c-c-c-cold here!  I can't believe I am in Florida. We have some real hearty campers out here tonight too.

My heart goes out to those slammed by another storm in the northeast. I just don't know how they can survive the frigid temperatures without electricity.

I felt such tremendous guilt when I called a repairman last night  to discuss  my furnace woes.

It worked fine last winter and I tested it this summer too. Now, nothing happens. Maybe it's humbling me to pray for the storm victims.

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