Friday, November 16, 2012

I Shot A Snake

I am a Camp Host in a Florida State Park for 90 days.  For some of my chores I drive the park's little golf cart type dump truck. It has two gears. Forward and reverse.

Far from the campground we saw a snake.  We being doggy and I.

Yes, a SNAKE!


I hate snakes! 

Usually when I see a snake, I scream  ack! cough!  sputter!  S-S-SNAAAAAAAAKE!!! while running in the opposite direction.

Ten miles later someone invariably asks the snake ID and length.

Oh sure, I am going to whip out my tape measure and climb down level with the snake, straighten him out, measure him from chin to tail, then ask him for his ID.

Ha Ha Ha!  You gotta be joking me. 

But this one was moving ridiculously slow.

My evil child popped up in my head. Should I just run him over with my little golf cart type dump truck?  Bye-Bye snake!  

My not-so-evil child chimed in reminding me the park policy is generally not to murder the inhabitants. Not even the snakey inhabitants. 


I'm not a hunter, but frankly I think the only good snake is a dead snake. They make nice cowboy boots and I like cowboy boots. (Matter of fact there's a leather pair in my cupboard traveling with me through several countries on land and sea since 1995).  I wear them when the mood strikes or the weather dictates or when I might be in snakey lands.  I call them my snake stomping boots. Today I wasn't wearing them and I felt terribly vulnerable. 

Truth be told,  I have never once stomped a snake in my cowboys boots. I just hope the boot leather is thick enough to withstand a close encounter with a snake. But today I wasn't wearing them. 


So what's it gonna be?  Scream and run?  Mow it down dead with my vehicle?  Shoot him?

I pulled out my camera and shot him multiple times.

The pictures were taken far far away, but I managed to crop out the acre of forest between us and him/her to show you THE SNAKE I SHOT!

His back has a severe ridge. He appears almost black but subsequent pictures show his true colors. 
Now his head is raised. Will he strike?

Is this a good time to measure him?  


  1. eww I hate snakes to, but I probably would have done the same as you, taken of few pics from far, far, away!

  2. Definitely poisonous! Its a water moccasin/cottonmouth.

  3. Lol I saw a copperhead while out walking this past summer. A truck went by and I pointed at the snake. The driver veered and ran over it, causing it to writhe terribly and then lie still. I cautiously walked toward it and right before I reached it, it came back to life and took off, thankfully in the opposite direction. So I don't know how much damage your little vehicle would have done.

  4. Never trust a snake. Even a dead snake. Their head stays alive for a days even if the rest of the body is battered or even chopped off, they just grow more snake.


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