Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ready To Roll

Harley does his woofcamping chores at the campground by riding around in his little dump truck patrolling as a bark ranger. His short legs can't reach the pedals, so he has a 

One day he tumbled out of the doorless truck, giving us both a terrible fright!

So I tied a milk crate to the seat. Stuck him in that. He was worried about chipping his nails on the bottom of the crate's open pattern. I stuffed his baby blanket in there. He rode around on that for awhile, but wasn't overly happy about his personal comfort though the increased safety was reassuring. 

On a cold day, dressed in his petite red sweater he looked at the thin blanket padding the bottom of his ride, giving me woeful eyes.  
I resurrected his faux fur puppy bed, removing the thin blanket, I stuffed the puppy bed down into the milk crate. He looked skeptical, but climbed in, then poked and prodded the bed. He scraped it with his paws, pulled at it with his teeth, then punched and pressed it around with his feet and paws while slowly rotating three times. 

When all was said and done, he sat down, propped up his elbow on his new arm rest and announced he was ready to roll. 

Me? Spoiled?
Heavens no!  I'm not spoiled.
I'm just cold and like an arm rest for my paw. 

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  1. Harley is so cute! He has to be an absolute hoot and such good company!!!! I love his outfits...they are adorable.

    Our Daisy is not impressed with dressing up so I don't get to experience dressing her in cute things. Although, when I do see them at Wal-Mart or PetSmart I would love to get some for her. Then, I remember she wouldn't do, sad.

    Have a great day!


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