Saturday, August 20, 2016

All Qwacked Up

Caption one...
Just like boats anchored in a harbor, the ducks all point the same way.

Caption two...
All the ducks insisted this was their best side for the camera.

I've discovered I can write posts and then schedule them to post later, in case I don't have internet for a few days. Of course this involves being organized with all systems working which lately has been easier said than done.

Lately, every time I travel, google says there is something unusual so they block me from accessing my blogs. I get frustrated trying to do loops, hoops and backflips trying to  break in to my own blog. Some days I just have so much to do, there isn't much time leftover to fight with google or the internet or the wifi or the blog program or the  computer or the phone. I just do without. Modern technology is not saving me time anymore. I can't be a slave to this newfangled cumbersome method. Life is for the living.

While writing this, blogger has hung up 9 times and the internet has dropped out 7 times.

Life is goof!

Thanks for stopping by. It's a beautiful day to wake up alive.



  1. those are geese...

  2. those are honkers. they are geese. my wife now calls them long neck ducks. she used to call all water fowl ducks. also all toad and frogs are toadfrogs. gotta love it. kick harley for me. be well.

    ice cream. raz


Life is goof!