Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Triple Duty Six and a Half

Bath mat
Long handle grabber
Coat hangers
Wash Cloth
Closet Rod
Fishing Rod Holder
Scrub Brush
Water Pik
Clothes Dryer
Dirty Clothes Basket
Back Scrubber
Hanging Hooks

What do these  items have in common?

They all live in my tiny motorhome shower. I had to take several pics to more or less capture it all below. I removed the basket of dirty laundry because I was going to shower and everything else just stays in there. Then I thought it would be funny to take some pics and show you how everything does double and triple duty around the wheel estate.

The cooler often stays right in the shower, because it's sturdy enough as a seat. Sometimes I want to sit and shower because my shower is handheld anyhow. If there is food and ice in the cooler, then I remove it. Typically I store stuff inside the cooler like laundry detergent or bleach, stuff that isn't affected if water gets on it. Sadly the cooler kind of leaks around the hinged top some, but the seat is sturdy and that is very useful for me. The chrome looking gadget on the wall is a goose neck shower holder that is re-positional thanks to it's unique suction cup that has a thumb pump to secure it with. I can move it around to where ever it suits me at the time.

As an old sailor, I often turn the water off and on while showering to conserve water. I can get really clean with minimal water by rinsing off, turn off water, lather up  my body parts, turn the water on, rinse off, turn water off.

motorhome shower

I have a big red umbrella for rainy days, but I also use it for shade on a sunny days, attached to a seat outside. Problem is where to store it in my tiny wheel estate? There was just no where to put it, I was beginning to regret having it, it was always in the way or falling down but it's so handy to have around. Coming home after walking doggy in the rain, where to put a dripping wet umbrella when it's too wet or windy or both to leave it outside?

One day I saw a short plastic fishing rod holder and that got me thinking.


I installed it in the corner of the shower as an umbrella holder. Now the big red umbrella had a home to call it's own. The umbrella can sit in the fishing rod holder, wet or dry (handle side down). When I shower, I don't even have to remove the umbrella, it's tucked out of the way in it's rod holder. If it gets wet, it just drip drops plip plops down the shower drain.

I have a rubber broom with a squeegee on the flip side and a telescoping handle. Actually the broom end can be removed and the telescoping handle used for a scrub brush or roller or window washer. The gadget on the wall that holds the broom also has hooks in between the holders. Sometimes I  hang my nightshirt up there on the hooks, or hang things to dry like cleaning rags. Those hooks come in handy. The water pik I mentioned is actually a plumbing gadget that attaches to a faucet for cleaning teeth or small objects that need a small focused jet of water.

Years back I installed an overhead closet rod near the ceiling of the shower. Now I could hang up washed clothes and towels on hangers an inch or two apart, to dry inside in the shower for those fussy campgrounds that won't let you hang things outside to dry. Also works well when it's raining and one comes home wet in drippy clothes.

You'd be surprised how often I have been caught outside in the rain and come home with soaking clothes. Walking or biking, I seem to be a mile away when the rain hits. I travel with a compact washer that does small loads to stay on top of laundry. I hang dry clothes and together, the washer and hang drying have saved me an enormous bundle of quarters over the years.

Hard to believe I have been living in this old motorhome six and a half years. Matter of fact, my doggy was born about the same time, though he came into my life six months later. He is six and half years old and he weighs six and half pounds.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the past comments and emails concerned about my welfare. I had no idea so many wonderful caring people were reading my blog. Bless you all. 

I hope to keep posting more often. 

Life is goof. 

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  1. I appreciate your ingenuity. You would be a good fit for a "tiny home."


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