Monday, September 25, 2017

It's Okatie

 Thank you for stopping by today. I had no idea we would be missed. Yet incredibly I am finding out I have numerous comments, emails, texts and phone messages. WOW. Thank you. I feel blessed. We're alive!

Every day I've tried to find the comedy in the commotion.

Something to laugh about.  

Notice I said tried.

Made a wrong turn ending up lost in Okatie, but it's Okatie cause we're Okatie.

What state are we in?

State of chaos!

The fast few weeks seem like months.

It's safe to say that we're fine but all beat up exhausted. My poor RV has suffered a battle. I seem to have grown heavy eye bags. Harley dog is just not himself. He cries often and it's heartbreaking. I'd like to have a good long cry but I'm too tired.

We're alive.
Life is goof.

'Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.'

That's a famous Quote from Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz
Not that we went to Kansas, don't think so, but could have, we've been blown around a bit.


  1. Hi!!
    So glad you and Harley are okay. If your in Okatie SC. that's a very rural area. I hope you have grocery stores close by so you can use your bike.

    My daughter lives in Florida ( Sanford) and we are meeting her and her Husband on Hilton Head Island this March for a week. That's quite close to Okatie. I wish I was in that area right now! Then I could help you out with what ever?

    Someday we hope to trade our 5th wheel in for a motor home but need to save up more money ( like a lot more :) ) I think so many people care about you because we wish we could do the same lifestyle your doing.

    Stay safe and get back to where you want to be,

  2. Good to know,appreciate the update.

  3. Nancy says: so glad that you two are going to be okay... was worried.


Life is goof!