Thursday, September 07, 2017


I often talk about how homesick I am for my former home in the BVI in the Caribbean.

These videos just made me cry.  While many of my island friends are on vacation off island, since traditionally folks take 4-8 week vacations in August and September, many of course are still on island.

I went from being homesick to just sick... after seeing these videos.

I've been through several hurricanes there, but this one just slammed them in the worst way.

I am late, it's tired, you have to copy and paste the rest of the videos.


  1. I hope you are out of danger. Florida is supposed to be hit in the worst way.

    Much of my family came from Georgia, SC and FL. I still have a cousin in Lakeland and some in Kissimmee. Also one in Aiken, SC, so I've been watching the events unfold.

  2. Must be painful to watch these heartbreaking videos. Take care DMM. Stay strong. -Pei2


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