Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

These pictures were whimsically taken the day after Labor Day in September. I was parked in a small rural area near Bushnell, Florida. I had moved this umbrella to park my bicycle under between rides.  It was raining most every day for a few hours. Several times my bicycle had been caught in the sudden rains between rides. I thought maybe this umbrella would help some. At sunset, I would move my bike to store it under cover for the night. But several times in August and early September, I found myself running around in the rains trying to get my bicycle covered up. It seems I was never fast enough, the bicycle and I both ended up soaked. I want to take good care of my bicycle since it's my personal transport in lieu of a car. 

Ironically, the umbrella is a dumpster diving special I've been using for several years now. It is damaged, you can see the bent post. It is cobbled together with a different umbrella post to give it strength to stand up. The entire umbrella is attached to the wooden water spigot post with reusable rubber twist ties. 

I thought it made a nifty bicycle carport for day use. This would be the last day I rode my bicycle. I sure do miss riding, but in all the chaos of moving around the past few weeks, there wasn't time to launch the bicycle and ride for numerous reasons including inclement weather before during and after hurricane Irma.  

One day soon, I am anxious to get my bicycle off the back of the RV to give her some TLC and take her on a spin. Easier said than done. I've been so ridiculously busy with running from hurricane Irma, preparing for Irma, cleaning, emergency repairs, doggy care, my care, moving around trying to find safe shelter and so on.

At the time this picture was gleefully snapped, I had no idea that the next morning, I would decide to frantically break camp and run from Irma. 

It rained all morning while I tried to get ready. When the rains briefly let up, the weather changed to hot steamy oppressive humidity. By the time I was ready to roll, I was soaked in sweat too exhausted to drive. Sunset was moments away.

I have to quit being mad at myself, that my rig wasn't ready to roll in under an hour, the way I typically keep it. I had become too cozy, too comfy. I had been parked here about 10 weeks without driving the RV anywhere. I had forgotten that it needed attention in many areas. I was so busy with other critical matters. 

Weeks earlier,  I had moved many of the RV's contents to the shed in back, I was planning to reorganize my rig, then reload, but I had become interrupted with other  matters, so the project was half done or rather undone! This made getting ready to roll more difficult. Shame on me!

Amazingly, we did get on the road eventually even though there were no evacuation orders, I wasn't twiddling my thumbs waiting for government to order me around. I wanted to take charge and get out while I could. 

The first 11 miles, took an hour to drive. Leaving this park, my doggy was looking out the passenger window crying. He had never done that before. He was pretty upset much of this trip, poor fellow. 

At the time I departed, one other lady was leaving, but everyone else was planning to stay or wait and see. 

News that eventually trickled down to me, was that this park lost electric, water, and sewer but was restored last week. 

I am currently near the Florida border in a holding pattern while I repair, recuperate, regather and regroup.

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  1. This may sound insensitive to those who lost so much, but not being burdened with a lot of stuff makes it easier to get out of harms way. Glad you left when you did. Doggie will be fine, he has a loving mommy.


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