Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Override Avoidance

This is my GPS.

Now I'm confused.

Nothing in the manual about this.

Area C?
Area Sea?
Yes, avoid driving through water. This is land yacht not water yacht.

Override avoidance?

Area C?
Area City?
Override avoidance of area City?

My destination is coming up on the left. There is a left turn lane to go there. My GPS tells me to go 1.2 miles more, make a U-turn then come back 1.2 miles and make a right turn. Has my GPS bought stock in the gas station? That's 2.4 miles extra. I never told it to avoid left turns.

Matter of fact, it does like left turns. 

I cam off the interstate and I thought from looking at google maps earlier in the day on the computer that my destination would be a right turn followed by another right turn (coming off the interstate ramp.) Two right and I am there.

Right? No wrong.

As I drove up the ramp, GPS told me to turn left. So I thought hmm, google is wrong (again. )

I turned left followed by more curious directions  that took me across the bridge across the interstate followed by 2 more traffic lights, then it told me to turn left, then another left, followed by another left (touring suburbia now)   then a right, taking me through the 2 turn signals,  back across the bridge I just traversed, then it told me turn right to get to my destination.

Two rights would have got me there to start with. 

Do two rights make a wrong?

I feel like a fool that I paid Garmin $50 to update the GPS plus had to buy a $20 micro card because it said if I didn't it couldn't update my maps. It told m that after I had spent the $50. Like they couldn't have mentioned that before hand? I didn't have a spare card at the time, had to mail order one, wait 3 days, then load in the card and start with the update again.

My prior GPS came with lifetime updates. I updated it 3 times because it kept getting lost unable to find the places I told it to. Usually it would bring me within a mile or two then I could hunt around, other times it refused to recognize the address unless I changed the town to a narby town and that meant getting out a a paper map and doing exotic guesswork. Anyhow, I went to update it a 4th time and it said my lifetime was up.

But I woke up alive!

I think. 

Let me pinch myself. Yep, I felt that. 


  1. So happy to be able to read your posts! Thank You for all you do to entertain people.

  2. My Rand McNally GPS does the same crazy thing. I was once in a location about 100 miles from a state park on the Keys. It told me the distance was 300 miles. (Approximate distances.) Basically, what it wanted me to do was drive 100 miles past the state park, turn left and left again, and then head back 100 miles on the opposite side of the same road to avoid a left turn directly into the state park!!


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