Saturday, October 28, 2017

Nightmare Before Halloween

Yellow siding.

Who would think that could give me a frightening nightmare?

Life is goof.

A little background. My neighbor in Bushnell, Florida has pale yellow siding with white trim. My friend in Orlando has pale yellow siding with white trim. Ironically it's the exact same shade of yellow and white.

In Bushnell, getting backed into my lot is a tricky affair. The road out front is a skinny one lane road. My driveway is also quite narrow. It's at a 90 degree angle to the street. There are big trees, large bushes, and a two foot high inconveniently placed communications hub. It's one of those things that sticks up out of the ground for the workmen to service cable and internet. While backing up trying to make the sharp 90 degree angle, I have to pay attention to all four sides of the RV, trying to avoid all the obstacles surrounding me.

Once I make it into my driveway (PHEW!) it's about 90 feet long. I put my rig in the back where the driveway expands to accommodate a paved patio area. Out my passenger side is a view of my neighbor's home with yellow siding about 35 feet away.

When I visit my friend in Orlando, I park at an odd angle about 10 feet from their home with yellow siding. They have an electric hookup for an RV but I have to avoid driving through their large heat pump machinery, hence the odd angle to be able to reach the electric post attached to the side of their house yet avoid thwacking their heat pump on the same side. My passenger side faces their yellow sided home.

When I have to do difficult maneuvers with my motorhome, I try to survey the situation, decide on a course of action, then rehearse it over and over in my brain. I say my prayers, then creep along slowly trying to complete the task praying I manage to do so without calamity.

While in Orlando recently, I became quite ill. I excused myself to go lay down in the motorhome for an hour sometime in the afternoon. I fell into a deep sleep for well over two hours. For some fool reason I dreamed that I was trying to back into my lot at Bushnell in the dead of night,  reversing into a tree plus hitting my Bushnell neighbor's home. That jolted me awake. I sat up in bed, groggily looked out the window at the pale yellow siding barely 10 feet away and scared myself silly!  I looked away as if refusing to see the reality of the  situation would make it go away.

I should have been 35 feet from my Bushnell neighbor's home, not 10 feet plus I had noted the angle I was parked at was all wrong meaning I had probably crunched into a tree. There must be damages to the RV and did I truly hit his home at some point?  Why did I leave my rig parked cockeyed in the wrong place and go to bed? I was trying to remember if the neighbor and I had exchanged words. I couldn't remember seeing him.

I thought it was morning, not afternoon, so I quickly surmised I had indeed made a mess of things in the middle of the night and now I needed to seriously wake up and make amends for my huge gaffe.

What a nightmarish mess I had made of things! I don't need this kind of stress.

Struggling to clear the cobwebs from my brain, I forced myself to glance back out the window. That's when it dawned on me. I was parked in Orlando, not Bushnell.  It was just a wicked dream.

The total relief I felt was indescribable.

Trick or treat!

My motorhome did not come with a back-up camera.
About 2 years ago, I bought this portable system.
The display works off the cigarette lighter,
the movable magnetic camera works on a 9 volt battery. 

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Life is goof!