Monday, October 30, 2017

Moving South

Where am I?

It's 40F degrees this morning!

If it gets any colder, I am moving to Florida.

Oh wait. I am in Florida.

Tropical storm Philippe brushed by us with torrential rains then plunged our temperatures down nearly 50 effing degrees from the near 90's to the 40's.


By the time the dog and I bundle up for a pooch poop walk, I look and feel like an overstuffed rag doll with so many clothes piled on I can barely move. Women don't like to look fat (or fatter!) but winter is cruel this way to someone like me who has trouble warming up.

Note to self:
Make a  New Year's resolution to fatten up my friends (so I look smaller!)

Harley dog shakes and shivers in spite of his warm faux suede shearling jacket. During the walk he sometimes stops, begging me to pick him up and hold him close to my chest so he can warm up. He's never been able to top 7 pounds, yet after awhile his six and a half pounds feels so awfully heavy enveloped in my arms.

We ran into a new little doggy and his new to us human. Harley loves to meet new dogs his size. He wiggled for me to put him down so the two canines could sniff each other over, do circles, tangle leashes, wag tails and share pee-mail. Harley kept shaking, shivering and dancing. He does this pretty much year round in all temps for the past 7 years.  The other dog owner (new to Harley) said "Oh he hates that jacket. He is trying to shake it off!"

I laughed and said "Are you kidding? In weather like this, I can't get him out the door until I wrap him up in his jacket."

The RV park has had a recent influx of northerners who are here for the winter. They stroll around in shorts and light T-shirts looking at me strangely in my head to toe layers of pants, shirts, sweaters, jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, arm warmers, leg warmers and faux fur uggs saying "Ah, this is nice. The weather is so mild." At 40F degrees, it hardly feels mild to my thinned out Caribbean blood. I gave them my goofy smile while silently counting to ten. Mild??? Not in my book.

Humidity is playing tricks. My long hair was attacked with static electricity and literally flying around my head without the aid of wind. Hilariously annoying. Finally I had to tame it into a jumbo hair claw clip. This left my neck cold. I found my winter scarf to wrap around my neck. Ah, that felt heavenly.  Last spring I found this turquoise winter scarf marked down from $25 to $1. It's been sitting in my drawer for months waiting for it's maiden voyage. I remember at the time hesitating over buying it. Living large in a tiny motorhome, I often grapple with such mundane decisions. Storage is always a consideration. My little old wheel estate has 14 windows which I enjoy their views immensely but it also means I have very limited storage.

Enough of this foolishness.

I've been drinking hot coffee, hot tea, hot bouillon, hot soup to warm up. Now it's time for me to *ahem* go pay the piper in the restroom. It will take me a good 20 minutes to peel off enough layers to do that.

See ya later!

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