Thursday, October 12, 2017

Wiggle Giggle

Travels with Harley

If you need a good laugh, see what I go through trying to get the dog ready for a walk.

Harley is 8 years old but he thinks he is a puppy OR a 100 pound Rottweiler. It just depends on the situation.

Such delusions of grandeur.

We can learn a lot from a dog.

In the video, Harley is in wiggle giggle puppy mode. It's short.

Video Link:

Many many thanks to all the wonderful readers and angels who have left super useful comments here. So many that are so helpful while others make me blush.

I had no idea I was missed when hurricane Irma left me semi-stranded in the mountains without any communications or utilities. I had evacuated from Florida in order to hopefully escape. What a bizarre ordeal that turned out to be. I am still recovering from the mess.

So many angels took time to email or post a comment or call. Ironically my voice mail box  was being reported as  full, and I had no idea, because the cell phone stopped working.  The comments posted here were backed up waiting for approval.

It was an eerie feeling, wondering what happened to the rest of the world, yet having no idea that so many had noticed I was missing in action.

Thank you! You made me feel wonderful. I am so humbled and so lucky to have angels in my life on earth that help watch over this fool and her monkey dog.

I woke up alive, so it's all good. Another miracle.


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