Wednesday, January 17, 2018


If you received a chef knife post in your email subscription, it was posted to there by mistake. Sorry about that.

Some days I make mistakes.

Other days I am purrfect!

Not sure which daze those are.

Yesterday I said "I wish I could sit by a river. or lake or ocean."  I was daydreaming out loud. Well watch out what you wish for!

Today a friend took me out to eat at River Ratz which is on a river. What a treat that was!

On the way there, I noticed a utility company was digging holes on the side of the road. Then we passed a cable company digging a hole on the side of the highway. Next I saw a man digging with a post hole digger in his yard. A few more miles and a construction crew was digging a big hole at the corner of two streets. Astonishingly before our 12 mile trip was finished, I saw yet another person outside digging a hole.

I guess it was a holey holiday.

That's my little old wheel estate minus her spare, minus her bike rack, minus her cargo carrier.
Now she is 3 feet shorter!

Life is goof.

Thanks for plopping by today.

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