Monday, January 15, 2018

Warm and C-c-c-cozy

Harley dog studies how to put out fires with the extinguisher. Such a smart doggy!

December was a wonderful milestone.
8 years living 24/7 in my little old 1994 mini motorhome.
Harley turned 8 years old.
8 years since I arrived back in America (yet I am still lost and confused).

This is a very complicated country to live in designed for the well off. But somehow I've managed to live on a super efficient erratic tiny income so it's all good (or goof!).

I woke up alive and that makes today the best day of my life ever.

It's a miracle.
I am super grateful to have this gorgeous day on planet earth.

If I am going to whine. I would tell you it was 36 effing degrees in Florida when I woke up. But I woke up and piled on warm clothes plus turned on the heat. So why whine now?

Blessed wonderful warm heat. 

RV's are notoriously hard to heat when temps plummet. If the furnace or heater or both are broken, then it's even harder.

But thanks to repairmen and tons of research, I now have heat again and it feels just awesome. I guess I should say my tons of research yielded me a great education but still I couldn't fix it. At least I could tell the repairman everything I had tried in hopes he didn't feel the need to duplicate my efforts.

As a super duper bonus my errant heavy duty old sentimental jacket miraculously appeared. It was stuffed inside a pillow case tucked away on a shelf in back of the upper bunk over the cab in my wheel estate.

I have no idea how or when it ended up inside a pillow case. Normally I keep it in a zippered bag between uses, then stuff that in a cabinet over my bed in the rear of the RV. One of those zippered type bags that come with a bedspread. It's a fat and fluffy jacket so it doesn't fit in my tiny hanging locker. Awhile back when it was cold I found the empty bag. I went on a search for my jacket and just could not find it anywhere. I was pretty sure I wore it in the mountains during hurricane Irma.

For months now I've wondered how on earth I could lose something so important to me as my only warm jacket.

Finally I bought a heavy used wool green pea coat. New warm wool coats are very pricey so I bought used. Yes, I get cold super easy. My Caribbean blood just doesn't want to warm up when temps plummet. I've worn the green pea coat several times riding my red bicycle. I  was told I looked very Christmassy. So funny! Then angels gave me windbreakers. Holy cow. I now had so many jackets to choose from that I felt very spoiled. The windbreakers don't take up much room. Some fit, some were a bit big. Then I ran into someone big and cold, so I gave them the big windbreakers. Spread the wealth, share some cheer.

Life is goof.

THANK YOU for plopping by today.


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