Saturday, December 29, 2018

Awesome Christmas

This was the most wonderful Christmas I have ever had!

Loved ones called, wrote, texted, IM'd and emailed. 

A token few even showed up in person.  

Gifts, cards and candy arrived.

It seems Santa (and a few angels!) know where l live now.  

Santa Claus tracked me down with a huge red stocking stuffed with dark chocolates.

Christmas day landed me at the senior potluck wearing fanciful antlers and dream catchers stuck on my head.The weather was delightful at 72F degrees.

It's going to be a super mild winter around here this year because one day when I was super cold I told my friend I wish I had a fur coat for Christmas. Well they bought me an awesome faux fur coat that is wicked warm. I feel like a kitten curled up to mama cat when I wear it. Matter of fact, the dog loves it too and insists I carry him around enveloped in it when I am wearing it. He has this smug fur baby look on his face of "Oh Yeah, I got her trained right..."

But when it's all said and done...

You know you're getting old when.....

loved ones give you medical equipment for Christmas!


I was excited to receive a piece of critical medical equipment as a treasured gift. 

Life is goof. 

I hope your Christmas was as awesome as mine.

Happy holidaze!

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