Monday, December 17, 2018

Thank You!

Thanksgiving is just the beginning of learning to be grateful each and every day year round. 

I am so super grateful to have wonderful friends and angels in my life. I am deeply thankful to have a refrigerator again and to know the humbleness of living without refrigeration. 

Today I woke up alive and managed to do quite a few useful chores including a labor of love for someone else. 

I was reading a great article about being grateful and it mentioned writing down 3 things a day one is grateful for. I was thinking ONLY three? 

The article:

 Neuroscience Reveals how Gratitude Literally Changes Your Brain to be Happier

There are so many small miracles every day that I am very thankful for. I could easily make a very long list every day.

Many of us grew up with family meals where grace was said at each meal, giving thanks. It's a wonderful time to give thanks too because we are super lucky to get fed so much every day!

Enjoy some fun festive holiday cheer with Rickey Godfrey's rendition of Boogie Woogie Santa Claus. Rickey is a super talented musician that has been a close friend of mine for decades. 

If this doesn't bring a joyful smile to your face then crawl under a rock and hide.

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