Friday, December 25, 2009

News from the Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Travel – Charter a Yacht for a Unique ...
By Private Yacht Charter
Did you know that the British Virgin Islands are home to one of the best sailing areas in the world and is the sailing capitol of the Caribbean? There are so.

Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands Newspaper, A Pulitzer Prize Winning ...
TORTOLA - The Royal BVI Yacht Club will end its 2009 season with Saturday's ... Race registration will be held on Friday afternoon at the Royal BVI Yacht ...

Tortola & Virgin Gorda (BVI) - Local Reports (Caribbean Hurricane ...
By stormCARIB
Having a wet but Merry Christmas on BVI's Beef Island at Trellis Bay. Was overcast most of Thursday and rain showers started just after 7 PM while a group of newer and older friends joined the Wayward Sailor for the Special Christmas ...

British Virgin Island (BVI) - Virgin Gorda Island - Beach Resorts ...
By seemak
If beaches are your choice of destinations during the chilly winters,

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  1. Read about the yachting youngster over here in Holland this week. Think they're a bit harsh on her, actually. Hope you're having a great Christmas this year, and wishing you a very healthy 2010 - PS did your cat rematerialise?



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