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News from the British Virgin Islands January 14, 2010

VI Pushing to Get More Mega Yachts
Platinum News Online
As the BVI Government through its Tourist Board (TB) continues to find ways to attract more tourists to the Territory, attempts are being made to lure more ...

HLSCC to bury time capsule tomorrow
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT A time capsule will be buried on Thursday morning at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College as part of ongoing celebrations to mark its ...

Cancellation of tender for construction of Culinary Arts Centre at HLSCC
BVI News Online
BY Admin-BVI The Procurement Unit of the Ministry of Finance wishes to inform the public on the cancellation of the construction of the Culinary Arts Centre ...

Haiti Earthquake Videos; Warning; Very Graphic

This is video sent on the day of the earthquake. The Global Orphan Project supports over 2200 kids in Haiti. This video was sent by Louis St. Germain through the Cambry Technical Center to Shane Hackett and Frantz St. Germain.

The CBS News Investigative Unit has acquired video of buildings collapsing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti during the country's worst earthquake since 1770. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0 and dozens of aftershocks.

The Horrific Aftermath Of Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti... This Is A PSA To All Who See , Help Support

A photoessay with images from Jan. 12 - Jan. 13 of the disaster in Haiti. You can donate to our International Relief Fund by visiting 

Haiti Earthquake-(Before & After photos)

COPY and SHARE this link
so others will be encouraged to donate to

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Dear Miss Mermaid wants to connect on LinkedIn


I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Dear Miss Mermaid
Confirm that you know Dear Miss Mermaid
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Monday, January 11, 2010

St John Life in the Virgin Islands

Gerald Singer of St John has written many interesting books about St John, St Thomas ad Vieques. He also maintains a great website about St John, aptly named St John Life. 

I spent several fun filled year in and out and around St John and Gerald was a good friend of mine.  But hurricanes and hangovers... and I ended up sailing onwards. Some of the stories in my book "Hurricanes and Hangovers" are about St John. 

Here are some of Gerald's books you might be interested in reading.

Beach at Buck Island, British Virgin Islands

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fructose: A Deadly Poision?

This was sent to me and I find it easy to believe!  Of course I believe that our foods are purposely tainted with chemicals we don't need that have NO nutritional value, and this is so that we will get VERY sick and spend way too much money with the medical community and the big bad drug companies. 

Subject: ADV: The Most Deadly Food on the Planet- Found in Everything.

Recently, scientists have proven that Fructose, a sweetener
derived from corn, causes dangerous growths of fat cells around
vital organs and can trigger early stages of diabetes and heart disease.

This cheap form of sugar is used in thousands of food products and
soft drinks and is destroying the human metabolism and fuelling the
obesity crisis. This cheap but deadly sweeter is found in virtually
every processed food like candies, yoghurts, cakes, cookies, protein
bars, health food bars, salad dressing and cereals. Even health foods
and health fruit drinks that sound healthy contain fructose.

This week, a new report claims that about one in ten children in
England will be obese by 2015. Over 10 weeks, 16 volunteers on a
controlled diet including high levels of fructose produced new fat
cells around their heart, liver and other digestive organs.
They also showed signs of food-processing abnormalities linked to
diabetes and heart disease. Another group of volunteers on the same diet,
but with glucose sugar replacing fructose, did not have these problems.

High Fructose Corn Syrup could be the deadliest food in your grocery store.
The concern is that it is hidden in many foods and so you really have to
look closely before you eat or drink. My recommendation is to start
reading the labels before you buy any food.

The Slabs in California (Updated Often)

For some perverse reason, I've become fascinated with a place called THE SLABS near Niland California at the Salton Sea in the desert.  As I find interesting links, I will put them here.

And Life Goes On: The Good, the Bad and the Bizarre!!
By firstep
For almost 10 years we heard about The Slabs or Slab City (as it is called) and for almost ten years we avoided staying there. But when Diane and Andy (valued Escapee buddies) said how much they enjoyed their time there and we really ...
And Life Goes On -

The Slabs By Russ | January 1, 2010

Scavenging the Slabs | Hitek Homeless
By johnny
Once again, we arrived at Slab City in the dark and were unable to find the primo campsite. So, we just settled for the same site we had last year, pulled in (checking for nails) and staked our claim. Unlike last year, we had two bikes ...
Hitek Homeless -

Bourbon, Bastards and Birds: Pissing On The Fire
By Seagull Steve
Slab City ("The Last Free Place On Earth") and Salvation Mountain were both very popular with some of us on the Burrowing Owl crews when I lived down there, and I was happy to get back to see Leonard Knight and his mountain. ...
Bourbon, Bastards and Birds -

The Slabs - iRV2 Forums
By CorsairIIAT
The Salton Sea is long dead and now just a big stinky puddle. If you are looking for a good place to drop out of society, this is a great place to do it. Slab City makes Quartzsite look like a luxury resort. ...
iRV2 Forums -

Welcome to Slab City on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Slab City is an informal city of snowbirds and year-round residents squatting on an abandoned World War II navy base east of Niland, California.

Happy New Year! | The Path Less Pedaled
By Laura
Slab City, California… where we learned that, sometimes, it's best just to check your expectations at the door. Favorite Aspect of the Journey… Meeting all of the people that we've had the opportunity to connect with along the way, ...
The Path Less Pedaled -

Videos tagged 'slabcity' on Vimeo
2 months ago. 2009 Boicott BMX Camping Jam - Slab City. 2 months ago ... Exploring The Salton Sea & Salvation Mountain at Slab City. 8 months ago ...

The Slabs | The Path Less Pedaled
By Russ
When you enter Slab City, you are greeted by a concrete military sentry box painted over with flying doves and what looks like a Christmas tree. Immediately two things are clear - nothing here is what it seems and this place is full of ...
The Path Less Pedaled -

YouTube - Club Oasis-Slab City
A cool club in Slab City, Ca. up from the Salton Sea. They had a small libray and movie viewing area. They serve home made food on Wed. nights. Wish we ...
Slab City California by Daisymaye
These are all Slab City shots. Slab City is an area in the desert where some people go and spend the winter in their rv\'s. I think some people even live ...

YouTube - Accordian/tremeloa Song
RV Marvels - Salvation Mountain at Slab City. 4606 views. RoadabodeProductions ... Salvation Mountain near Slab City | Cam3ram3n. 1235 views ...

Why Shopping in the BVI can be so Frustrating!

I received this email from s resident in St Thomas, i  response to BVI shop keepers whining about their lack of sales in recent news articles, and claiming too many people go to St Thomas to shop:

I am pretty darn sure the migration of shoppers to St. Thomas head for KMart, Cost-U-Less and Home Depot...petition your business men to open some sort of discount store...I am sure that will help.

Here is my short essay on BVI Shopping...

They need to eliminate the import duty. Ever been to St Martin?  No import duty and the stores are overflowing with inventory at competitive prices.

Last time I was there, I bought a gorgeous linen dress with a matching short sleeve jacket, it was on sale for $10!  I found some hand painted sarongs, also discounted on sale, for $5.  Drug stores were overloaded, you could find most any American or European personal care product that your heart desired. Shopping there was fun!  There was just so much to choose from and so many stores plus loads of outdoor markets where the crafters and artists set up shop.

BVI could take some serious lessons. One huge problem in the BVI is recently the landlords have become super greedy, so rents are out of sight, duty is payable not only on the merchandise but on the freight costs TOO!  All this has to be paid up front before the merchant can even see their products.

Small wonder when they end up with inventory boo-boos they can't afford to discount them and just keep the stuff moving.  Many merchants in the BVI don't understand the value of keeping the inventory moving, most are content to wait how ever long it takes, to sale a certain item at a certain price, even if it gets old, dusty, and rusted.

I once tried to buy some mirrors from a hardware store. They had been there so long that the edges were cracking and the mirror backing falling off.  The flimsy frames had come loose from the mirrors and many frames were warped. I just wanted the mirrors and planned to install them at my home and do some seashell artsy frames to hide the damages. Do you think the owner would come down on his over priced damaged ancient mirrors?  Hell no!

He even had electric appliances from the 50's and 60's, hunks of rust he refused to discount.

The lack of produce managers disgust me the most. They will let the produce rot rather than discount it and give you a break on food costs.

I have on more than one occasion hauled home out of date stuff I found in a certain garbage bin.  It was out of date by ONE day and tossed in the garbage. I think I nabbed about $400 worth of stuff that day, and lived to eat it *giggle*.   Now that was RARE, but why they refuse to give the resident a break is beyond comprehension!

News from the British Virgin Islands January 10, 2010

Two Vehicular Fires In 3 Days
Platinum News Online
A source at the Fire Department told BVI Platinum News that the driver, like the one in the other incident earlier in the week, was clueless on what caused ...

A Traveler's Notebook: Peter Island, B.V.I.
By Tim
Peter Island, B.V.I.. We're back from Peter Island, and it certainly lived up to its billing as a unique Caribbean hideaway. After landing in Tortola, and taking a short ride to the docks, we took the resort's ferry to the island under ...
I really enjoyed this article in the latest “This Week“. It was a nice article about how it all came together here in the Virgin Islands.

MORE than 25 years ago, Geoff Holt's life was changed for ever.
Portsmouth News
Diving into shallow waters off the Caribbean island of Tortola, the then 18-year-old broke his neck, leaving him paralysed from the chest down. er becoming ...

Shopping in Tortola or St. Thomas?
BVI News Online
For example, in discussing the shop Tortola or St. Thomas issue with a close family member who resides in St. Thomas, my family member confirmed that paper ...

Windstar Presents Its Ultimate Cold Remedy
PR Newswire (press release)
Port of calls include St. Kitts, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and St. Barts. Wind Surf's 7-day roundtrip sailings from Bridgetown, Barbados call on ...

Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update [Wed, Jan 6 11:04 EST ...
By admin
Tortola and many islands, live in a different time, at a unique pace. White is the preferred color for decorating with outdoor lights at Christmas, in the islands. This is because the lights are rarely taken down, until they burn out, … ...

Cannabis College Redefines 'Higher Education'

$750,000 Supercharged 41 Luxury Cat Goes 125 MPH

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Incredible Artist Brings Tears to Fans

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who just won Ukraine's version of "America's Got Talent." She uses a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and "sand painting" skills to interpret Germany's invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII.

Friday, January 08, 2010

British Virgin Islands Odds and Ends

Tortola & Virgin Gorda (BVI) - Local Reports (Caribbean Hurricane ...
Today's picture from the Virgin Islands is so wonderful, I've posted a larger version ... move to St. James Island's Christmas Cove for a night at anchor. ...
BBC News
Making history: quadriplegic sailor Geoff Holt crosses the Atlantic
BBC News
He arrived in Cane Garden Bay, in Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands just before 1700GMT on Thursday 7 January. The place has a special significance for ...

Nikki's Noodles: Tortola
By Nikki Noodles
Tortola. Tortola is the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands. Tortola is a mountainous island 13.5 miles long and 3 miles wide, with an area of 21.5 square miles. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go here. ...

Thursday, Volcanis Interruptus...
Caribbean Hurricane Network
I have to remark on your latest update on the Montserrat volcano, and I thank you for the latest update on impending eruption ---- again. ...

English firm awarded contract to design “Monserrat new capital ...
By (Another GFBC Production)
The former capital of Montserrat was dramatically destroyed by the island's volcano in 1997. The location for the new capital, Little Bay, lies to the northwest of the old capital and is well beyond the volcano's danger zone. ...

During the recent period, the Soufriere Hills volcano on Montserrat has been producing recurrent major dome-building eruptions for nearly 9 years, ...

Postmaster responds to sickout
BVI Beacon
Something's in the air at the Road Town Post Office. Walk in and drop off a package and you just might catch a whiff. The facility, which is divided into ...

ender-dock worker dies
BVI Beacon
Police are investigating the death of a worker who died last month as a result of an accident at a construction site near the cruise ship pier in Road Town. ...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The view from Waterlemon Cay, Virgin Islands

The view from Waterlemon Cay in the National Park with  Tortola in the Virgin Islands in the background. The anchored boats are in Sopers Hole, West End, Tortola with Frenchmans Cay in the right foreground and Little Thatch to the left.  

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Save $10 on Dear Miss Mermaid's Calendars and Merchandise

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Yacht Club News January 2010
All At Sea
New for 2010, the club will host the BVI Windsurfing Championship to run concurrently with the 39th annual BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival, ...

Dear Miss Mermaid...the OTHER Blog!: A Fabulous Picture of the ...
By DearMissMermaid
Author of "Hurricanes and Hangovers (and other tall tales & loose lies from the coconut telegraph). Caribbean Rainbow, Copyright by DearMissMermaid.Com. Monday, January 04, 2010. A Fabulous Picture of the Virgin Islands ...

Profile on Steve Black the Founder of Cruising Rally Association
All At Sea
You may have seen Steve Black around Nanny Cay on Tortola recently—he's best recognized as the founder of the Hampton, Virginia-based Cruising Rally ...

Montserrat Volcano Plume on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I have used a lot of contrast to try and bring out the detail. I think its an astonishing scene. Nothing like this have I seen before. View On Black.

Sailor Geoff Holt left frustrated by lack of wind
Portsmouth News
Mr Holt's wife Elaine and seven-year-old son Tim are already on Tortola and now have an agonising wait to be reunited with him. ...

Heaven on earth must be here
Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update. Heaven on earth must be here ... two then probably move to St. James Island's Christmas Cove for a night at anchor. ...

Tortola... Long Sleeve Dark T-Shirt - CafePress
Made by Dear Miss Mermaid's Treasure Chest on March 14, 2008 at 3:29 AM. Share It: ... Designer's Shop: Dear Miss Mermaid's Treasure Chest ...

Hilary Dahiandy Donovan is BVI's New Year's baby
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT Hilary Dahiandy Donovan is the first baby of 2010. She was born at 8:51 pm on New Year's Day. As the hours passed on the first day of ...

Five traffic accidents recorded for the New Year
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT Five traffic accidents have been recorded for the New Year, with the first occurring just minutes into 2010. Officer Harris Walters has ...

BVIslanders ring in 2010 in grand style (photo gallery included)
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT Ringing in the New Year in the Territory began with hundreds attending church or partying at many of the Territory's hot spots. ...

Monday, January 04, 2010

A Fabulous Picture of the Virgin Islands

This picture was taken from St John, with Peter Bay in the foreground, top left is Jost Van Dyke and to the right is Tortola, in the center is Great Thatch.

Resolution Frittatta Recipe for Four

This sumptuous brunch was inspired by leftovers from New Year's Day.

A typical traditional southern New Year's Day meal for good luck and prosperity is surprisingly frugal. The simple menu is Ham, Blackeyed peas, Cornbread and Greens. The greens can be collard, mustard or turnip greens cooked with bacon, fatback or ham hock.

This year I made the traditional southern good luck New Year Day's meal for a friend, and of course there were copious leftovers, as you can't really make all of that for just two people only. So I made an opulent frittatta from the leftovers with a few extra ingredients thrown in.

You will need:
large fry pan
olive oil
6 eggs well beaten
1/4 cup chopped sweet onion
4 ounces sliced or chopped mushrooms
1/2 cup chopped ham
1 cup cooked and drained collard greens (leftovers)
1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
basil and oregano

Heat up about a tablespoon of olive oil in fry pan.
Preheat broiler in oven for finishing the top of the frittatta.
In the fry pan, stir fry on medium-high, the onions and mushrooms until onions begin to carmelize (turn brown).
Toss in ham and stir.
Add collard greens and mix thoroughly.
Basically you just want the ham and greens to heat up with the onions and mushrooms, as this will make the frittatta cook quicker.
Sometimes the greens will make the mixture watery, if this is the case, then transfer all to a collander to drain, otherwise just transfer to a bowl or place momentarily.
Add a little olive oil to coat hot fry pan, and add the  beaten eggs.
Now toss in the meat and veggies, and let the eggs almost set.
Sprinkle the top with the shredded cheese, basil and oregano.
Once the frittatta is about cooked, you can transfer the fry pan  to the broiler for the last few minutes to melt the cheese on top and finish cooking the eggs from the top down.
If your fry pan handle is not made for the oven, just leave it sticking out the open door.
Once the top of the frittatta is set, remove from broiler.
Slice into 4 wedges.
Serve on a plate with leftover blackeyed peas and cornbread.

Bon appetit!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

A happy New Year Card From Kristy!

A happy New Year Card From Kristy!

And a late Christmas card too!

New Year's resolutions – BVIslanders share personal goals for 2010
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT With the New Year just hours away, BVI News took to the streets to find out how members of the public intend to improve their lives in ...

News from the Virgin Islands January 2
Crowd bewildered as two crowned Miss Caribbean Talented Teen
However, despite being advertised weeks before the Pageant, the BVI and Guyana were not represented for reasons not known by this media house. ...

Commentary: 2010 The Year of Shifting
Platinum News Online
... be a year of Shifting, let us prepare our hearts for it, the truth remains untainted. Reverend Michael U. Anthony Road Town, Tortola BVI 21st December 2009.

Caribbean News January 2010
All At Sea
The event was a combined charity effort for the Tortola Humane Society, which received $2000, and a fundraiser for the sailors who all represent the BVI in ...

Power Catamaran World: October 2009
Such is the case with a new boat building venture in the British Virgin Islands that will see commercial production of a lightweight, fuel efficient, ... They were enjoying a beer or two in Christmas Cove when Morgan Avery showed up on ...

Marine Circular from VISR British Virgin Islands - Charter Yachts ...
Such a service is available in BVI; ... c) Holders of any of the above qualifications (except the BVI Boatmaster Licence) ... Sink the Flying Cloud Project ...

Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update [Wed, Dec 30 12:13 EST ...
By admin
Continued here: Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update [Wed, Dec 30 12:13 EST]. Read the rest here: Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) Update [Wed, Dec 30 12:13 EST]. Tags: Speak Your Mind. Tell us what you're thinking. ...

Science: ScienceBlogs Channel : Physical Science
By Science
I dabbled in the world of "manmade volcanoes" (short answer: bad idea unless they erupt a dinosaur). In what now seems premature, the eruption at Soufriere Hills on Montserrat was declared "over" after 6 months of quiet at the volcano. ...

HAPPY OLD YEAR'S NIGHT! Happy Full Blue Moon!
Caribbean Hurricane Network By DearMissMermaid at Winds have been wet and wild in West End, with gusts howling by that tipped me out of my bunk! ...

Pictures of Road Town, British Virgin Islands
Picture gallery with 43 travel pictures from Road Town, British Virgin Islands.

Geoff Holt reaches midway point in transatlantic challenge
Southern Daily Echo
... from Lanzarote onboard 60ft luxury catamaran Impossible Dream on December 11 and had hoped to arrive in Tortola in the Caribbean last Sunday (Dec27). ...

Awesome Red Sky Picture
Caribbean Hurricane Network
By DearMissMermaid at Got up at first light for hoped slow sail down to West End. Wouldn't you know it... only a whisper of occasional wind and all ...

Police recover stolen motorcycle
BVI News Online
In a joint operation between Police Traffic Task Force and Customs Officers on Tuesday, a blue 650cc Suzuki motorcycle which was stolen from the Road Town ...

Police Investigate Traffic Accident
Platinum News Online
Head of the Traffic Investigation Unit Inspector Kenrick Headley said that 11 accidents were recorded in the Road Town area between 23rd and 24th December ...

Black Boater's Summit
By muzicalmel
from all over the globe meet down in St. Thomas for an experience of a lifetime checking out 5 of the British Virgin Islands including; St. John and Tortola with an incredible itinerary including a stay on a luxury yacht and 3 nights at ...

Dear Miss Mermaid...the OTHER Blog!: Red Sky Between Ginger and ...
By DearMissMermaid
Caribbean Rainbow, Copyright by DearMissMermaid.Com. Wednesday, December 30, 2009. Red Sky Between Ginger and Salt Island in the Virgin Islands. dear miss mermaid, hurricanes and hangovers. 0 Posted Comments from Readers: Post a Comment ...
Dear Miss Mermaid...the OTHER Blog! -

Geoff Holt reaches midway point in transatlantic challenge
Southern Daily Echo
... from Lanzarote onboard 60ft luxury catamaran Impossible Dream on December 11 and had hoped to arrive in Tortola in the Caribbean last Sunday (Dec27). ...