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Fabulous Weather Pictures from Dear Miss Mermaid Readers

Pictures from Dear Miss Mermaid Readers:
Lake Erie, after the ice has thawed, from Snouts

Sunset over Nevis, as seen from Antigua, by Frenchie 

Another sunset as seen from Antigua, also from Frenchie

Submitted by Kaye:
Turn around - and don't drown
Perhaps the message would hit harder if today were stormy rather than sunny.

Just the same, the National Weather Service has designated this as “Turn around, don’t drown awareness day.”

Bottom line: Next time it floods, don’t drive – or walk – into areas covered with water; you might find yourself sinking fast.

“Each year, more deaths occur due to flooding than any other severe weather related hazard. The main reason is that people underestimate the force and power of moving water,” meteorologist Barry Baxter of the weather service says in a statement.

He adds, “More than half of all flood related deaths result from vehicles being swept downstream. Of these, many are preventable by just turning around and finding another way to their destination.”

Although such advice is most apropos during the rainy season, we’ve seen streets flood on more than a few occasions.

All of this is part of the weather service’s flood awareness week. While no floods are expected, there’s a good chance of rains in our future!
Caribbean Hurricane Network
Thursday in the Caribbean
Caribbean Hurricane Network
By DearMissMermaid at I hope you all survived St Patricks Day *hiccup*. Some of you around here are still looking pretty green! ...

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Newsy Stuff from the BVI March 14, 2010

 Our B.V.I. Adventure: Exit Survey: Travis
By Amelia
How many wild chickens and/or roosters did you see while on Tortola? Answer(s): 3739 chickens 427 goats 83 lizards 7 horses 6 pirates 2 cows (Actually it was the same cow but I saw it twice) 2 snakes (Amelia only saw 1)

Deportations in order
BVI News Online
In an interview with BVI News, Jennings was asked if an individual with a certificate of permanent residence could be deported to his country after serving ...

Tortola Tourist Board - Let Cruise Excursion Bus Story "Die ...
By Jim Walker
BVI News and BVI Platinum News continue their excellent coverage of the tragic and deadly crash of the Princess Cruises' excursion bus in Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI) with an article entitled "It could Have Been Worse." ...

St. Thomas: Virgin Territory
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Florida may have Disney World, but the Virgin Islands are ferry distance from the stunning British Virgin Islands (Tortola is an hour from St. Thomas, ...
Queen's Baton Relay 2010 Delhi to debut at Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement ...
BVI News Online
BY PRESS RELEASE Tortola, British Virgin Islands, March 13, 2010 – The Queen's Baton Relay 2010 Delhi will be introduced to the BVI at 9.00am on Tuesday, ...

Ahoy mateys!
Caribbean Hurricane Network
By DearMissMermaid at Had a nice afternoon just North of the Airport Runway Extension on St. Thomas, after a real rough night attempting to rest at ...

Deportations in order
BVI News Online
In an interview with BVI News, Jennings was asked if an individual with a certificate of permanent residence could be deported to his country after serving ...,-Models,-Mount-Gay-and-more/67374&ct=ga&cd=GJs2jDu_9v8&usg=AFQjCNEvidjFmcFTIh8V9n_slZrBqzBPLg
Sail World (press release)
2010 BVI Spring Regatta: Music, Models, Mount Gay and more
Sail World (press release)
Music, models, Mount Gay and more… just what sailors at the 2010 BVI Spring Regatta will find at the Regatta Village, March 29 – April 4. ...
BVI To Review Taxes And Fees (subscription)
British Virgin Islands Prime Minister, Ralph O'Neal has said that the territory will run a budget surplus during 2010, although the government still intends ...
Appleby sheds 17 workers
BVI News Online
BY Staff Reporter Appleby has confirmed that it has reduced its staff due to a "reduction in work levels in its business in the BVI over the last 18 months" ...

Boat Captains Bemoan New Regulations at VG Meeting
Platinum News Online
Boat captains from Tortola also attended the meeting. Some of the recommendations highlighted at the meeting included the need for medical certificates to ...
Caribbean Hurricane Network
Caribbean Hurricane Network
By DearMissMermaid at This AM was nice and sunny, just a few scattered clouds. 79 at 8AM with winds from ENE at about 16 kts, seas in the Sir ... 
Social Development intervenes after 2-month-old injured in domestic dispute
BVI News Online
BVI News was informed that the baby, whose name is Hilary, now nearly 2 ½ months, received bruising on her forehead. She was born at 8:51 pm on New Year's ...

Our B.V.I. Adventure: Other BVI Bloggers
The Shands introduced us to her blog, titled Dear Miss Mermaid. She gives some of the most accurate weather reports and helps make sense of these crazy ...

Driver of boat that led to death of Kevin Walters charged with manslaughter
BVI News Online
Court reports reveal that Walters was in the company of three persons including the captain traveling from Virgin Gorda to Tortola on a 21-foot speedboat ...
Min. of Communications and Works concludes taxi tariff meetings
BVI News Online
... Islands Coordinator, a representative from the BVI Tourist Board and the BVI Taxi Commission, as well as Mr. Courtney DeCastro and Mr. Khoy Rymer. ...
4 for Mr. GQ
BVI News Online
Tickets: $20 (adults) $25 (at the door). Outlets: Speedy's, Rosy's & BVI Tourist Board (VG). The event is presented by the Virgin Gorda Festival Committee.
Meeting on March 13 to discuss expansion of VG Festival Grounds
BVI News Online
BY Admin-BVI Premier Honourable Ralph T. O'Neal, OBE, accompanied by senior officials from the Ministry of Education and Culture will travel to Virgin Gorda ...

Woman Jailed For Driving With "Chip" On Shoulder - pirates of the ...
By Margaret
The owner of "Chip," the parrot from Pirates of the Caribbean, was stopped in England for driving with the three-foot bird on her shoulder. As she was arrested for a previous violation, Chip pecked at the police officer. [Daily Mail]
Jezebel -

Closing Remarks: BVI Kite Jam 2010 | Women Talk Sports | The first ...
by Carl Giordano British Virgin Islands, Nature's Little Secret Tortola, British Virgin Islands – For ten years, the kiteboarding industry has struggled in its efforts to convince the American media that kiteboarding is for everyone.

BVI Kite Jam Photos | Kiteboarding Magazine
While attending the BVI Kite Jam, we lived aboard a 38-foot catamaran and toured the islands with 12 other BVI Kite Jam boats. This is the only way to go in ...

Music Models and Mount Gay at BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Fest
All At Sea
Later, after the sun sets, the stage will come alive with one of the Caribbean's favorite sons and Tortola's own, Quito Rymer. Performing with his band, ...

Tourist Board introduces Return N' Stay programme
BVI News Online
Road Town, Tortola, March 12 – Today at the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park, staff of the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board are out promoting ...

Alleged rape victim pregnant; man charged
BVI News Online
BY Staff Reporter Police have arrested and charged a 19-year-old man with rape on Thursday morning, BVI News understands. The virtual complainant is now ...

Alleged rape victim pregnant; man charged
BVI News Online
BY Staff Reporter Police have arrested and charged a 19-year-old man with rape on Thursday morning, BVI News understands. The virtual complainant is now ...

Thieves target Banco ATM
BVI News Online
And while police and bank officials are tightlipped about the incident, Patrick Haywood of the Crime Prevention Unit said in an invited comment to BVI News ...

Cool Links any Conch Killer should know about
Cool Links any Conch Killer should know about. Dear Miss Mermaid Blog · Click here to go back to home page.

Archives unit to host second old pictures exhibition
Road Town, Tortola - The Archives and Records Management Unit of the Deputy Governor's Office will host its second Old Pictures Exhibition in mid-April ...

 “The St. Croix Fast Ferry ~ The Most Economical Way to Travel

Please be advised that service between St. Thomas and St. Croix has been suspended this weekend (March 12 – 15) due to mechanical failure.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to the traveling public.

Service is expected to resume on Friday, March 19th

Please visit our website for the St. Thomas Carnival Schedule. 

Schedules and updates can also be retrieved from the automated response at 340-776-3494.

Shelli Brin
Island Magic
Destination Management Company


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A Clean Dirty Joke

















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Newsy Stuff from the British Virgin Islands March 4, 2010

Newsy Stuff from the British Virgin Islands...
What?  No Competition???  No "undercharging"?  No fair!
Gov't may standardise taxi fares
BVI Beacon
The fares would be publicly posted and drivers would be prohibited from over- or under-charging, said Natasha Chalwell, a representative from the BVI ...
We've heard that before!
Gov't: VG Airport could reopen soon
BVI Beacon
Denniston Fraser, managing director of the BVI Airports Authority, said government officials plan to meet soon with representatives of Air Safety Support ...
ShowTime Band Releases "Over Do It" Today
Platinum News Online
The new hit will be played on the airwaves from today and speaking to BVI Platinum News, Roger Frank - Manager of the Band said it will focus on the known ...
Complaints commish publishes report
BVI Beacon
... and his staff authored a special report detailing grievances from a Cane Garden Bay native against the ministry and the BVI Electricity Corporation. ...
Going swimmingly
Law Gazette
'In March I am swimming the length of the BVI, and on the last day, swimming to the nearest USVI, or as near to it as the Department of Homeland Security ...
Very sad events (below)!  I can't tell you how many times I have ridden in taxis that were in  bad need of a brake job!  My very first ride in a taxi on Tortola involved a driver who used his emergency brake every time we needed to slow down.  I thought this might be an isolated incident, but I've had it happen more than once.  Yet, when owning my own heap of a jeep on Tortola, having great brakes was of paramount importance.  Fix your brakes, arrive alive!  I hope all taxis in Tortola will review their brakes and take appropriate action to repair them long before another tragedy. Heart felt prayers go out to the family, it's the last thing you expect on a vacation, a taxi with old useless brakes.
How Did Princess Cruises Excursion Bus Driver "Crash Dummy" Earn ...
By Jim Walker
In an article entitled "Taxi Driver Granted $60000 Bail - License Suspended," BVI News in Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI) reports that the driver of the Princess Cruises excursion bus arrested with reckless driving and causing ...

Six Degrees of Separation

I'm trying to do the six degrees of separation...  and sell 5,357 more copies of my  "Hurricanes and Hangovers" book, as soon as possible, to cover some urgent matters, that sadly, require good old fashioned money.

Six degrees of separation (also referred to as the "Human Web") refers to the theory that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth.

Sooooo... if you actually read and liked my book, I would be honored if you passed word on to others you know,  as a recommendation, a must-buy, a must-have.  While my book is on Amazon, the full title is long "Hurricanes and Hangovers (and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph) by Dear Miss Mermaid" so for simplicity sake, it's listed at 

with links to all the stores.

I'm working with some book distributors, to try to get it into more stores and more places, it all takes time, and being a newbie to the field, it takes time to get noticed. I do have 17 reviews on Amazon, which is a tiny fraction of the books sold, so if you read the book and have time to write a review on Amazon, I would be thrilled.  It doesn't matter whether you bought it from them or not, just that you read it and want to review it.  You can choose between one and five stars for a rating (with five being the highest.)

I am also getting geared up to do my own book tour and attempt to get it into more stores first hand. I would much rather be writing on my other books, as I do have several in the pipeline I am working on, and eager to get those out before the end of the year.
I was heavily encouraged when someone posted this review on Amazon, this week:  

5.0 out of 5 stars  
A GOOD TIME MON !, March 3, 2010
This book was just HYSTERICAL reading; you really felt like you were right there in the middle of all the Carib action !

If you have time in your BUSY day to recommend my book to your friends, relatives, coworkers,  neighbors, enemies...  I would be ETERNALLY grateful!   Who knows, maybe with the six degrees of separation...  anything could happen!

It ships worldwide too.

From the back cover:

About the book: Hurricanes and  Hangovers

As the hurricane approaches, take refuge, settle down to a few drinks of rum and rain, and soon you'll be raucously entertained with these 16 stories of madness and mayhem, of life afloat and ashore in the Caribbean.

Meet colorful drunks, gamblers, sailors, pirates and prostitutes. While many stories are based on truth, characters and scenes have been disguised and fictionalized to protect the guilty, the famous and the infamous.

Who is Dear Miss Mermaid?

As the most popular blogger in the British Virgin islands, Dear Miss Mermaid has dazzled islanders and tourists alike with tales of the tropics, local recipes, and informative weather reports for over ten years, blogging daily at and

Though her identity is kept top secret, fans can't get enough of her daily writings of life in a strange island world and what she calls "the comedy of living on the edge of reason in the Caribbean".

By Paul Spicer,

Ahoy pirates, mermaids, sailors and landlubbers!

This little book you hold in your hand is
just what the captain ordered!

Let this highly
entertaining collection of humorous tales carry
you away to a wacky world where life is a bubble
or two off center and all boats list lightly to portside.

Each one of these wild and bawdy Caribbean
tales will keep you smiling all day long.

Loosely based on fact, many of the names of
places and people have been changed (to protect
the guilty, of course).

But the flavor is definitely
Caribbean and the laughs are universal.
You won’t regret plunging into the cool
pages of this red-hot book. Unforgettable, original
characters serve up a fine feast of island life,
replete with laid-back sea-to-shore attitudes and
spicy inimitable Caribbean spirit. So put on
your sunglasses, pick up a nice cold drink, and
lay back in your deck chair. Let these tall tales
and loose lies melt your troubles away in the
uncharted waters of fun.
Linda K. Palmer

It ships worldwide too.

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A Wonderful Quirky Movie

I can easily give this movie a 5 star rating.  It's playful, it's serious, it's funny, it's romantic, it's engaging.  Best of all it's totally refreshing with a unique story, not some warmed over copycat version of some other movie.

This movie starts off a tad slow, and a bit disjointed, making you wonder, what on earth have you got yourself into. But soon it picks up the pace and I eagerly waited to see what the next scene would unfold.

It's full of surprises, from disgust to delight, from love to hate, from serious to outrageous.  The two main characters are easy to bond with, the storyline is totally unpredictable, giving this movie a fresh face, that Hollywood should stand up and take note.

You don't need a zillion bucks thrown at a movie with well known stars and a worn out tired script and this movie proves that. The actors are fresh, the scenes are well done and the unparalleled story leaves you thoroughly entertained. I'd love to see more from this screen writer.

The music is well chosen, the locations are interesting.  The ending is a big bang surprise.

If you want to be ENTERTAINED, then sit back and savor this movie.

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British Virgin Islands Odds and Ends February 26, 2010
Caribbean Hurricane Network
Almost a fool moon in the Virgin Islands
Caribbean Hurricane Network
A Blast From the Past... from Dear Miss Mermaid After hurricane Hugo had hit St Thomas in 1989, I found myself in a small plane, flying low over the island, ...

Home and Back Again - Travel Blogs
We spent some days at Christmas Cove down towards St Thomas as Mike was flying in and we had to ... Previous: Time in Tortola and the British Virgin Islands ...

Adventures of the Sailing Vessel Hakuna Matata: February 25 ...
By Captain Craig and Admiral Angela
We came back to Charlotte Amalie Harbour yesterday, having spent the prior few days back in beautiful Christmas Cove. One of the twist-locks for our enclosure bit Craig hard at the base of his little piggy. ... We came back to this busy harbour to eliminate temptation to swim and to prepare for travel over to the Spanish Virgin Islands. They are only 20 miles away or so but mostly desolate (our favorite) so we do our usual…extra provisioning and a fuel dock for this ...

Tortola & Virgin Gorda (BVI) - Local Reports (Caribbean Hurricane ...
By stormCARIB
A Blast From the Past... from Dear Miss Mermaid. After hurricane Hugo had hit St Thomas in 1989, I found myself in a small plane, flying low over the island, a few weeks later. Winds of 200 miles per hour had devastated the island. ...

Statement by Premier on road fatality
BVI News Online
The BVI Tourist Board must also be commended for its prompt action in deploying personnel to the cruise ship and the hospital to help address matters ...
See all stories on this topic

Man Steals Safari, Leads Police on Early Morning High Speed Chase
Platinum News Online
According to information reaching BVI Platinum News, the owners of a safari were made aware that their vehicle was stolen by a man who led Police on a chase ...
Dominica News Online
Banana industry affected by dry spell
Dominica News Online
Recent ashfall on Dominica from the collapse of a lava dome on Montserrat's Soufriere Hills volcano is another problem facing banana growth. ...

Impact of Eruption on Montserrat |
“A massive eruption of Montserrat's Soufrière Hills Volcano covered large portions of the island in debris. The eruption was triggered by a collapse of Soufrière Hills' summit lava dome on February 11, 2010. Pyroclastic flows raced down ...

"An Easy, Gracious Man"
Twenty-four year-old Aaron Rumphrey was riding on a bus with other passengers, when it flipped over and crashed on the island of Tortola. ...
USA Today
Princess suspends Virgin Islands tour after passenger killed in accident
USA Today
On Tuesday, a tour bus on Tortola carrying 20 passengers from the Caribbean Princess on a "Tropical Forest Hike and Beach" excursion left the road and ...
BVI post issues collectable item to Mark HL Stoutt's birthday
Road Town, Tortola - The BVI Post is announcing the release of a special collectable item, a framed stamp and summarised biography, to commemorate the ...

NY tourist killed in bus wreck
BVI Beacon
Police have arrested and charged the 32-year-old Tortola man who was driving a tour bus involved in a fatal crash on Tuesday. Roland Allen, of Baughers Bay, ...
See all stories on this topic
News briefs
Roland Allen, 32, of Baughers Bay, Tortola, was charged Tuesday night with causing death by dangerous driving. Early Tuesday, 24-year-old Aaron Rumphrey of ...

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The Conch Killers

We love free publicity!  Check out Chip Gile's The Conch Killers

A blog that oozes cool « Chip Giles's Blog
By chipgiles
Visit Dear Miss Mermaid at She has a really cool site that monitors the weather in the BVIs. If you want a momentary release from the day, go to her site and browse around. ...
Chip Giles's Blog -

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News from the British Virgin Islands February 22, 2010

Oh Shucks! Horse breaks leg after feature race
BVI News Online
BY BVi Correspondent It was a sad day for Shucks fans on Sunday afternoon as the horse broke one of his legs in the feature race of the day. ...

Virgin Islands a midwinter night's dream
The Journal News |
Florida may have Disney World, but the US Virgin Islands are ferry distance from the stunning British Virgin Islands (Tortola is an hour from St. Thomas, ...

What Places to Visit During Your Caribbean Holidays? « antigua
By tummadamon
Tortola is the most active destination of the chain of islands. You can have big resorts, duty free shopping and the cruise ship crowds. The white sand beaches, including the Cane Garden Bay, are the fascinating attractions. ...

Class room on sea docks on Tortola
“We have really enjoyed Tortola. We have been well received by all of the community. We really enjoyed meeting some of the local students and having them ...

Salt Fish Cakes West Indian Style The food here is mainly west indian, with some continental style choices too. the buffet includes goat water, ...

20 bikers compete in Trellis Bay Cross Country Race
BVI News Online
BY BVI Mountain Bike Club The first race of the Mountain Bike Club Season kicked of at Trellis Bay this Sunday morning with 20 competitors taking part in ...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why You Should Adopt A Pet From Death Row

My friend asked me to go cat shopping with him while I was visiting in the USA. He said he wanted to rescue a cat. I suggested he go to the shelter and look on death row.

"What's that?" he asked. I told him it was the cats that were about to be put down, most shelters were overwhelmed and often the older cats were passed over for adoption while folks carted off the cute kittens. I then went on the rave about the virtues of adopting an older cat:

Typically they are already house broken, they use the litter box, they don't climb the curtains like playful kittens, generally, if they've been indoor cats before, they already know about breakable things and avoid them, they know not to scratch the furniture and they tend not to dribble their food across the floor, or play hockey with it, like little kittens are wanton to do.  They tend to know they shouldn't scratch you, and drinking out of the toilet is frowned upon. While kittens are a load of fun, they can be a load of work, if you want to properly train them to take care of your house and not destroy it in search of playful pursuits.

So at the shelter, we asked for death row and were told it was a no-kill shelter. We were surprised, apparently, they had some good funding now from special bequeaths that enabled them to not kill the cats. We passed by all the cute kitties, and went on to look at the adult cats. (I found out later they pass their overflow to a shelter that does kill.)

My friend liked a cute black cat, we opened his cage, and went to pick him up, he hissed, scratched and cowered in the corner with teeth bared. Well, um, that might be more work than my friend was up to, he hadn't had a cat in decades and he worked full time. We perused the rest of the cages. 

In one cage was a big lethargic tuxedo cat.  We opened his cage, and he briefly looked hopeful. I cuddled him in my arms and he purred mightily. His head seemed awfully big and funny looking, and he smelled bad. For good measure, he sneezed on us a few times.  

I turned to my friend, "Here is a needy cat in need of a good rescue."

We left to go do the paperwork and fetch the cat carrier we had brought with us. I went back to the cage to rescue the cat. A crowd was around him, poking fingers in his cage and I was proud to say "Excuse me, this cat's been adopted!"

The crowd parted, and I opened the cage again.  He was sleeping but woke up and gave me a wary eye. I picked him up gently and held him close. He fired up his loud purr and hung on to me for dear life. 

I walked back out to reception and he put up quite a fight while I shoved him into the carrier and zipped it up, all the while talking sweetly to him.  He scowled at us, looking pretty mad. 

A few minutes later, we were paid up and ready to leave. I held the carrier on my lap while my friend drove.  I unzipped it part way, talking sweetly "What a good cat you are!" and I reached in and stroked his fur to calm him down. 

Surprisingly he didn't try to escape, but settled down and went promptly to sleep. My friend thoughtfully played classical music on the stereo, as he thought the cat would enjoy that. 

A half hour later, we carried the sleeping cat and carrier into his new home. While he sat in the carrier, wide awake now and looking most unhappy, we let him watch us put out a bowl of dry food, a bowl of water and a bowl of canned cat food. Then we opened up the carrier and let him walk out on his own steam. 

He looked at us, looked at the bowls, and finally ate a little bit, then stood around looking at us expectantly while we stood there staring at him. 

So we showed him the litter box in the corner of the mud room. He looked at it and looked at us, then he toured the house and ended up in the bathroom, which he refused to leave. My friend was nervous and asked me more than once if the cat was going to poop on the carpet or what. I told him cats were smart and generally loved their litter boxes, but only if you cleaned them daily. Most cats that poop inappropriately are trying to tell you "Clean out the dang litter box!"

Finally, with the three of us crowded into the bathroom,  my friend said, "I think he wants his litter box in the bathroom!"

So we relocated the litter box.

The cat promptly hopped in and made a runny deposit. Yuck!  He also raked it 90 different ways, as if it was his Zen garden.  Then he headed for the food bowls and chowed down. When he was done he toured the house some more, and alternately coughed and sneezed. 

We called the vet and made an appointment to take him over in a few days. My friend said the cat stinks and asked me to bathe him. 

"Are you NUTS?" 

You never bathe a cat unless they are just super sick and physically can't do it themselves. Give him time, he will probably clean up his stinky self. 

For the next few days, the cat followed us around like a puppy dog, he never wanted to be left alone in a room or anywhere. Every time someone opened the fridge he ran over to look in and my friend was worried. I said "Hey, EVERYONE loves to look into a fridge, and cats are no different!"  

He ate a load of food and my friend was worried about this and I said, "Well, I think he needs to fill out and grow into that BIG head of his, once he gets back up to fighting weight, he will probably quit eating so voraciously."

"Let him check out your cabinets and closets and don't be surprised if he hides under the bed for a few weeks, until he feels safe and comfy here." As if on cue, the cat crawled under the bed and hid.  Later we found him hiding in the back of the closet.

For the next few days my friend pondered what to name him. We tried on different names.  The cat appeared indifferent. Meanwhile he ate a mountain of food and filled up the litter box with a large assortment of lumps.  He continued to sneeze and cough.  I showed my friend how to recycle that endless supply of plastic grocery bags. Just stick one in a waste basket, scoop out all the lumps from the litter box, tie the bag in a knot, and deposit it in the outside garbage can, then put a fresh grocery bag in the waste basket for the next day's use and so on. Come on, it's not that hard!

A few days later, I was cuddling with the cat and said to my friend "Do you smell THAT?"

"Smell WHAT?"  he says. 

"Exactly!  Nothing!  See?  He has cleaned himself up rather nicely, and doesn't smell at all."

Finally the vet day came and we stuffed him into the cat carrier. Oh my gosh, I felt so sorry for him!  He looked mortified and his eyes gave us that look, of extreme pleading.  With him on my lap, in his carrier,  off to the vet we went, while I talked softly too him and petted him. 

He didn't much care for the vet or having his temperature taken or the series of shots he had to endure. Finally his ordeal was over and loaded up with medicine, we took him home again. He was VERY happy. 

I hid the cat carrier, so he would know THIS IS IT, you are home now, for GOOD. 

He hopped up on the kitchen counter one day, and I loudly cleared my throat and gave him an evil eye. He promptly hopped down.  He tried to scratch the furniture one day and we ran out and bought him a scratching box and showed him he could shred that to his heart's desire, but leave the furniture alone. He quickly understood and according to my friend, hasn't clawed the furniture once since. 

I showed my friend, how to with hold the good stuff, (the canned food he craved), until he took his meds. So each morning, he had to endure his medicine, then we promptly opened a can of his favorite food stuff and fed him. He quit resisting the meds, and now gulped them down because he knew the good stuff was coming next. 

He had by now developed runny eyes in addition to the sneezing and coughing, but I gently washed his face with a warm paper towel several times a day and kept up the meds. 

Speed up to a few weeks later...

You wouldn't recognize the cat now!  His body has filled out nicely and his head looks balanced on it now, instead of too big. His fur coat that used to be dull and listless,  is now soft, shiny and luxuriant to the feel. He has no odor about him at all.  His runny eyes are dry and very beautiful. He no longer sneezes or coughs. 

And he LOVES to play.  I made him some home made toys and he loves to play, play,  play.  He likes for my friend to play with him, tossing his toys for him to catch and he does exotic ballet leaps to catch it ad show off!

He rarely meows, but has this funny "Brrrrrrrrrrr" noise he makes when he wants to talk. He purrs often and  runs to the door to greet his master when he comes home. He rubs his legs and follows him everywhere, taking naps in his bed or under his bed. 

He cuddles up to watch a good movie in the easy chair with whoever is willing. Some days he goes outside and races up the trees and back down again, then romps in the woods and comes home again, devouring food like there is no tomorrow. 

He's made my friend VERY happy and they enjoy each other's company. 

This cat was a terrific rescue, and the money and time invested in him, has paid off handsomely. He's a lovely healthy pet and my friend is proud to own him.  Everyone that meets him, says;

"What a cool cat!"

Call me when it's dinner time again!