Monday, February 08, 2010

It's Complicated (Movie with Meryl Streep, Alec Bladwin, Steve Martin)

Meryl Streep carries the show with Alec Baldwin playing a close second. This delightful comedy-drama is a fantastic movie, that makes you laugh yet seriously sympathize with the characters and the dilemmas they face. There's really nothing to cry about and thank goodness someone has finally figured out how to make an engaging movie without blood, guts, violence and profanity.

But there's sex, and we all like sex! The movie is adult themes, I couldn't imagine having to explain to a child some of the questions they might ask, while watching it,  so don't expect to have the little ones around when you view it.

Steve Martin plays an uncharacteristically serious role and of course he is a top notch actor that seems to be in true awe of Meryl Streep, both as her character and as an actress. Alec Baldwin is downright funny and not at all shy about showing us his middle-aged spread.  It's refreshing to see a real body instead of a pumped-up-on steroids action figure.

Meryl Streep can put such incredible realistic  life into any character that she plays, as if you might run into her and get drawn up into her role and totally forget she is an actress.

If you want some seriously fun entertainment, a movie that you'll be tempted to watch again and share with others, then by all means, dive into this wonderful film and have a blast.

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  1. I enjoyed this movie but I felt that Streep overacted at times and that Steve Martin was far too underused. I would love to have seen more of him in it.


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